Are Hoteliers missing out with FB Adverts?

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[Guest post by Vaishali Sharma] The Facebook Advertisingslogan states, ‘Find your customers before they search’.With all the rage going on about Facebook Advertising there is a surprising lack of use of this advertising medium amongst hoteliers. Facebook states that it offers: A dynamic environment where people exchange information regularly and share their opinions on everything […]

Guide for Content Marketing for E-commerce Website

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[Guest post by Lucy Barret] As the E-commerce industry is growing rapidly with each passing day, a good number of entrepreneurs and merchants/retailers are creating interactive and professional-looking online stores to boost their business clout all around the globe. The success and expansion of your E-commerce website largely depend on its brand visibility across different […]

A Pop-Up Store – the Right Thing for your Ecommerce Business?

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[Guest post by James D. Burbank] By its definition , an ecommerce business exists on the internet and its livelihood depends on the advantages online retailing has over traditional stores – low costs, increased visibility and convenience for the shoppers. That being said, over the last couple of years, ecommerce business owners have started realizing […]

4 Great Ways to Increase Site Visitors and Generate More Leads

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[Guest post by Brian Zeng] Any online marketer worth his nickel knows that steady traffic is the lifeline of a website. So, wouldn’t it be great if your website traffic just kept getting better and better irrespective of the ever changing e-commerce trends or significant market stints? Unfortunately, no magic wand can keep increasing your […]

The Difference between Optimizing for Google Ads and Amazon Ads

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[Guest post by Ron Dod] The world has witnessed a clash of the titans between Google and Amazon Ads, each fighting for supremacy in the market. eCommerce merchants can use both. But there are differences between these two platforms, and even though there are similarities, you should take each platform separately, optimizing ads on each […]

7 Predictions on the Future of Digital Marketing

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[Guest post by Vaishali Sharma] With more than 40% growth in digital media marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the digital industry is on the rise. As we start afresh in a New Year, there awaits a brighter fortune for SEO and online promotional activities. Here’s what digital marketing experts predict about the fortune of […]

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