25 Actionable ecommerce Conversion Hacks

[Guest post by Khawar Zaman]

Did you know that internet is populated with somewhere between 12-24 million ecommerce websites? What’s more intriguing is the fact that only about 3% of them (650,000) are able to earn more than $1000 in annual sales? If that doesn’t catch your attention, what about the fact 35% of online businesses are stuck with a conversion rate of 1% or less?

Fact of the matter is that most of the online business lack in one area or the other, which results in them failing to achieve their dream success. And one of the biggest reasons behind this is that they don’t get access to quality information and guidance they need in overcoming the steep challenges inherent to virtual world.

Its factors like these, which prompted Technorian, a UK based IT services startup to come up with a comprehensive compilation featuring 25 ecommerce conversion hacks, which can dramatically improve the odds of your ecommerce success.

It is full of eye opening facts and figures on the current ecommerce state of affairs, complemented intuitively with tips and suggestion on how to improve the conversion rates for your ecommerce venture. So, let’s get to those without any further ado.

25 Hacks for eCommerce CRO

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