4 Ways To Craft A CRO Friendly Product Description

[Guest post by Krithika Siddharth]

No matter how often people claim that product photography is the most important part of a product page, we will, respectfully, disagree. From our work with several eCommerce clients, we’ve found that the most important part of a product page: The product description field.

In fact, only when you have the perfect picture powered with the right information will it make the customer click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. With this in mind, we have crafted 4 actionable tips to write a conversion rate optimization friendly product description, increasing sales along the way.

How To Fit In Keywords Organically To Improve SEO As Well As CRO

Including SEO keywords organically into a product description is tough. But, when done right, it boosts your product’s ranking drastically. Thankfully, with the recent Google updates, keyword stuffing is greatly looked down upon and can be penalized. It’s sufficient to have the keyword once in the optimized product title to get the desired search visibility.

Every product will have a different set of main and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Main keywords are the set of words that directly talks about the particular product.

As an example, let’s take a look at the product title for the ‘Kindle Oasis’. The main keywords and the search terms that users will be using to find a similar product will be:

  • New Kindle
  • New eReader
  • High Resolution Kindle
  • Kindle With Wi-Fi

See how Amazon writes their product title to rank well for their product below. It’s the perfect blend of all the potential keywords the user will be searching for. The product title is the best place to organically include keywords.


The LSI supports your primary keywords. How Google ranks a particular page isn’t by looking at the most relevant keywords only, but also the supporting information that describes the particular product or concept.

For someone looking to buy an eReader, their primary concern might be about the weight and battery life. Then they would think about the other convenient features such as its design, display, etc. Looking at the product description for ‘Kindle Oasis’, we can find the LSI keywords sprinkled around to help the page rank better.


More than just improving the ranking of the page, it also has crucial information that potential buyers look for when buying a product.

Give Essential And Useful Information To Build Trust

The biggest advantage a brick and mortar store has over an online store is that it lets the shoppers touch and feel a product before buying. The basic notion is that when a customer feels or tries on a product, they get an involuntary thought that they want to own it.

Your online store cannot give this particular experience to your customer. But, by having the right content, you can easily build trust among potential customers and create a great shopping experience that results in a higher conversion rate. Here’s how:

  • 1.- An accurate size guide


An elaborate size guide is essential, as it is the most important aspect that all paying customers look into when shopping for clothes and accessories. By including details to emphasize the accuracy of the product’s size helps in building the trust and helps them find the right fit.

  • 2.- Include Style Tips/Product Care

A customer looking to make an online purchase loves to read all the information about it. Including style tips and product care information in the product description field will help them understand a little bit more about the product they are about to buy. Not only this, but if you include style tips as shown below, you are including value-added content that helps in upselling.


Every genre of product has its own ‘value-added’ content. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think how you can provide relevant information that helps them and creates trust.

The Best/Worst Words That Affects Your Conversion Rate

There are particular words that are better left unsaid. Users are smart and they are not going to trust when you declare yourself as ‘the world’s best’.

The following set of words/phrases are better avoided to make yourself look authentic.

  • One of a kind
  • The best
  • The only
  • Premier
  • No competition

One of the best practices for crafting a good product description is to stick to the facts and emphasize on the positive elements. By listing the product’s best feature, it automatically helps grab user’s attention.


Next, the product description should be appealing. Sensory words can help bring life to your product, adding a new and powerful dimension to the product.

So, if you are selling popcorn, the right sensory words to use are:


Image Courtesy: spotlightonkindergarten.blogspot.com – Yes, back to Kindergarten!

Scenario: Find how the following wine seller appeals to the customer with the perfect sensory world.


This particular wine seller brings out the elements of personalization and desire to make it more appealing. Words such as ‘hand-picked’, ‘naturally’ and ‘approximately 11 months’ shows the amount of care taken to conjure the particular bottle of wine.

Including such words help make your product description more personal and lets you influence your customer’s senses easily.

Play On The User’s Emotion – Build The Perfect Scene To Make Them Buy

The majority of the online shopping businesses survive on the customer’s impulsive buying decisions. To aid impulse purchases and also to make a product sound appealing, you must build the perfect scenario.

When trying to sell your ‘summer collection’, play out a story that makes them imagine they are sitting on the beach, wearing your product. This will go a long way in the buying journey.


One other aspect of playing with user emotions is to not let them feel guilty for buying your product. This applies to all products that doesn’t fall under the category of ‘daily essentials’.

How you convince users that your product falls under their ‘must-have’ list? If you can get them to comply with the particular pointers, then you have won yourself a buyer.

  • 1.- Make them feel that they MUST have the product


There are plenty of other affordable sunscreen lotions, but the above convincing reasons make us choose an expensive alternative.

  • 2.- They score a ‘huge bargain’ by buying this product from you


Looking at it, you immediately realize you are getting the product at $5 lesser. Additionally, you read about how awesome and convenient it is. We have always made eggs and scrambled eggs are one of the easiest dishes to whip up. But still, by looking at the product – You must own this product, which helps ease your breakfast problems (And it’s on Sale).

  • 3.- They will never again get this particular product at the same price, if they miss the deal.


The advanced marketing program is sold at $4,000, but for a limited time, it’s available at a competitive price of $997. Even if it’s an expensive investment, people feel compelled to buy it as it’s now only 1/4th of the total cost.

Take note: Enough care should be taken to ensure you do not portray the product to be expensive, as most online consumers are quite wary about making luxury purchases. Even if it’s quite pricey, portray it to be a valuable investment.

The biggest advantage online stores have over the brick and mortar store is that the customer is not open to listening to a sales pitch by your sales person. But, when it comes to online shopping, they are quite ready to read everything they can about the product before buying it.

So, make ultimate use of your product description field as it can help improve your conversion rate from 30%-100%. Yes you read it right! You have the opportunity to double your sale by including the right elements and words!

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