5 reasons to include gamification in your marketing strategy

Put in simple terms, gamification is a digital strategy practice that makes use of gaming dynamics to increase user loyalty and conversion rates with respect to a specific brand or product. In other words, gamification makes use of something that users like (playing) as a way to increase their engagement, define their behavior, and consolidate their ideas regarding a specific business, product, or service. If this is not enough, here are five reasons why should you include gamification in your marketing strategy.


One of the best things that gamification provides is the possibility of making your business more visible. Joseph Yi gives a good example of this in an article for ecommercerules.com in which he mentions the example of the Bonobo store, which invited its used to find a man wearing brand pants in the store, and offered them a prize if they found him. Thanks to this strategy, the company made its website highly visible, leading its users through a specific navigation process.

Social media

Social media constitute one of the most fertile grounds for gamification. In fact, many online stores and classified pages develop Facebook games to increase user engagement. People like to compete and share their best scores on social media, so if they do so through modules that bear your business logo this will help you to acquire visibility. Likewise, some companies reward users who share their contents with points that, when accumulated, turn into rewards.


Useful Feedback

One of the greatest benefits of gamification is being able to obtain useful feedback from part of your users. Through a well optimized gamification process you can obtain important information about your users, find what their preferences are and what type of contents they are looking for. If you have this information available, it will be easier to adjust your activities to benefit your business.


A basic premise of world of gamification is that its only limit is the power of your imagination. In other words, gamification provides many possibilities to make the most of the imagination of the people in charge of developing a marketing strategy for your company. The best thing is that many of the best initiatives developed through use of gaming dynamics did not require great investments of money. Likewise, gamification can be adapted to the needs of every business, and even the most boring processes can be gamified.


Finally, it should be pointed out that one of the best reasons to leap onto the gamification bandwagon is the amazing growth that this trend is currently having. In this sense, an M2 Research report estimates that the gamification market will be worth 2.8 billion dollars in 2016. Blanca Terrado from Todostartups says that the gamification market grows at a 198% rate, which proves the huge global attention that is currently placed on gamification. It is, no doubt, a process that will be practically necessary in any future digital marketing strategy.


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