5 tips that never fail to increase sales in your online store

We have talked about design, usability, and many factors that make your website attractive to sell your products. But so far nobody has said what really makes you increase your online sales. So today’s your lucky day: we are giving you 5 tips which, despite not being magic, will make your sales increase by at least 20%. .

It’s not a trick: it’s matter of making your store different from the rest, making it smart. Have you heard about “Smart eCommerce”. It’s that in a nutshell.
So here are the 5 tips

1. Personalized recommendations

Offering your customers similar products while they are buying is very useful and yields very good results: it increases and widens the conversion funnel, and customers have a different, more realistic shopping experience. This looks very simple, but giants like Amazon use it to generate more sales. Cross-selling and up-selling are becoming a commodity in eCommerce.

amazon is the king to personalized reommendations

2. Abandoned shopping carts?

This is a very serious problem which however can be easily solved. You just need to implement tools to recover those carts in an effective way. Depending on your turnover and other factors, this tweak can increase your sales by 30-40%. Email retargeting is the way to go to achieve a sale – simple but highly profitable action.

recover shopping carts with brainsins

3. Social plugins

The fact is that social commerce has not worked very well in Spain and its promise remains unfulfilled. However, being able to recommend products bought or publishing a wishlist on social media may increase your traffic, increasing the likelihood of making a sale. Pinterest may be the only really useful social network, as it works for selling online – even giants like Mango use it.


4. eCommerce gamificaton

Everyone’s talking about gamification, but the fact is that it’s a very profitable solution for online stores: mainly because it generates customer loyalty and recurrence, factors which are crucial in online sales.
This includes actions that are very simple to implement on a platform, such as:

  • Scores
  • Badges
  • Rankings

Your customers will love it and buy more in your store. Be ahead of your competitors and offer something simple but effective.

gamification for ecommerce

5. Personalized dashboards

Google Analytics is free, but you should know that when it comes to setting up a sales funnel and tracking sales correctly there are services that focus only on displaying the sales funnel. Having a personalized dashboard is crucial. You must record and know what is being converted. eCommerce analytics can turn your online store into a success or a failure: you need to know what’s going on.

dashboard to sales funnel

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