Best 5 Free Tools to Help Effectiveness of Your Online Store

[Guest post by Maria Mincey from Xicom Technologies]

The proliferation of online retail space has resulted in a tremendous increase in the way online players are planning their expansion to render a delightful customer experience. A Deeper understanding of the consumer needs and website management have become a key requirement for any e-commerce site owner. Since, customers are becoming sophisticated and more interested in innovative products and customized services, website owners need to put additional efforts to enhance customer retention and thus improve their sales.

These days there are a plethora of rich tools available that allow website owners to improve the functionality of their website. In this article, I have listed some handy tools which you can use to expand the potential of your website and thus helping it to grow.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss about each of them in detail.

1. Bitly


Bitly is a highly efficient tool for those who want to create a powerful link management system on their website. It’s a premium tool for online merchants which help them to shorten and save links, view statistics, create notes, data capturing, brand management and much more. It’s a viable option for anyone who wants to track the user engagement, analyze their customers and their activities, and deliver a high quality content to their audience.

Bitly is also useful to get the idea about the social networks links are posted to. Further, shop owners are provided with the facility to discover both date as well as time of each click, also the country from where it is coming. This is something which helps website owners to track the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

2. Peek


Identifying the user needs and giving them unique benefits is what owners can do to create a standout customer experience. In order to keep your brand on the top of the consumers mind, merchants need to put efforts to understand what’s going on in their customer’s mind and this can only be achieved through an efficient feedback system. Collecting feedback is critical to the success of any website and is something which help them make necessary changes demanded by their customers.

And “Peek” is a tool which has been designed with this motive in mind. Using this tool, shop owners can easily get the clip of their clients navigating throughout their store. Having this information will help them determine what they need to improve, and how to provide a quality customer experience.

3. Responsinator


You just can’t overstate the fact that people today mobile devices have become a first choice for online shoppers. The rise of digital technologies and the explosive growth of tablets and Smartphones have made online owners realize their worth when it comes to creating opportunities. Owing to this website owners are not only designing websites for the mobile audience but also preferring to keep a track of its usability.

And “Responsinator” is actually a tool which will let you take care of all these aspects. The tool is helpful in discovering the responsive facilities of your website and get an idea of how customers are using it. This way you can better keep a check on your store’s functionality across a variety of devices and make it more convenient for your audience.

4. Potent’s Content Idea Generator


With brands publishing more and more content each day, it has become extremely vital for online players to provide it in the best possible way. Content creation doesn’t necessarily mean just writing content, but there must be a reliable strategy in hand to make it producing desirable results. A good way to achieve this is by writing an up-to-date blog flooded with creative ideas that help customers get the answer to their questions on a real time basis.

And “Potent’s Content Idea Generator” can surely help you achieve this. It’s a reliable service that provides you with some intelligent titles variants, thus giving writers plenty of ideas on writing creative content.

5. KeePass


Being an online store owner, there are a number of responsibilities you need to deal with every day to keep up the pace of your business. And one of them include your password administering. Since you need to remember a large number of passwords this can sometimes hamper your work flow and create problems (especially security related) for you.

However, using a service like KeePass merchants are only need to remember a single password, and the rest of them will be automatically handled by the tool only. It’s basically a straightforward service system with an open-source nature, provided with the benefit of plethora of plugins. It also features a great “secure notes” feature which allows you to store any data you want, while keeping it protected within the database.

Let’s Wrap Up

The ability to identify and harness some relevant tools can create a lot of advantage to the online merchants. To tap any potential, retailers must adopt some innovative and reliable technologies which help them more profits and bigger market share.

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