Complaints in eCommerce: I Want to Close my Account

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Let’s imagine that I visit a physical bookshop and pick up a book I’m very interested in. The next step is going to the cashpoint and paying for it. The transaction most often ends after I hand over my card or cash. No customer registration or de-registration, quick and easy. Now let’s imagine that I […]

ECommerce for dummies: the client

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Brandon – Why don’t you buy on online retailers or at least compare prices online before buying in the mall? Brenda – Ohhh Brandon, you know, I’m scare of giving my personal info away, and I always want to touch the product, feel it in my hands. Brandon – You can find unboxing videos all […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Videos

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We already talked in another post about the benefits of having analyses/reviews in our product pages. But we often don’t feel like reading a review, either out of laziness or because we are doing other things at the same time which prevent us from reading. There is a solution to this problem: videos. Not everything […]

Tools to Improve Your Online Store: Forums

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The E-Commerce tool that I will be describing today is the “icing on the cake” among those described until now, as your customers will love it, and, as a secondary effect, will spend more time in your store. This tool is the discussion forum, a Web 2.0 classic, which everyone is familiar with. Today, we try to […]

Top 10 E-Commerce Tools

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In the last few months, we have published a number of posts in the “Tools to Improve Your Online Store” series, in order to promote the use of technologies implemented by cutting-edge e-commerce stores. This is a selection of the top 10 tools. Deal of the Day: introduce periodicity in offer variation to make the […]

Create Your Own Groupon: Create and Publish Coupons

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To complete this series of posts on “How to Create Your Own Groupon in No Time At All”, today we will see how to create your own coupons, attractive and appropriate for every occasion. At this point it can be said that you can either create a coupon for your own store or else join a “Groupon” in which you […]

Groupon’s Growth and How to Cash In on It

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Groupon is based on a brilliant idea. The service actually works as a broker or intermediary, and takes a small percentage of sales for your coupons. This business model has 3 parts: the broker, the supplier, and the customer. The broker is Groupon or its thousands of clones, who acts as bridges between suppliers and […]