The importance of the blog for an online store

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If you have an online store but don’t have a blog yet, I think you’ll find this post interesting. Perhaps you should start working on that blog and those contents, but read this post first. I think having a blog is just as important for an online store as having a payment gateway. That  is, […]

Using Facebook Open Graph to increase eCommerce sales

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Our friends at  Agorapulse (a full tool to administrate your Facebook fanpage) told me about this success story in sales generation by using Facebook viralization strategies.  The results of the action are amazing, particularly if you bear in mind that the cost of the action was – wait for it – zilch. But let’s take […]

BrainSINS’s results in an eCommerce store

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Disclaimer: This post is written by Jordi Ordóñez, a BrainSINS official partner, commenting on his experience with BrainSINS integration in one of his clients. This article has not been edited, and reflects Jordi’s own views. Almost 1 months ago, I integrated BrainSINS in an eCommerce store of international scope which sells to more than 70 […]

Analysis tools for your online store

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For my next trick I will be needing 2 things: 1) you should have an online store 2) you should be aware that with no data analysis of what goes on, you’re going nowhere Having got that out of the way, in this post I will talk about the tools I use, but there are […]

Keyword research: where is my niche?

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If you are not familiar with niches, you should be. But we aren’t talking about roles within an ecosystem, but rather about marketing. It’s impossible (yes, impossible) to reach all the consumers in a market or industry. Unless you are Amazon or a player of that size, of course. But what normal people do is […]

How to generate quality contents for an online store

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What should I tell you about? Focus on what you should do or what you shouldn’t? Nice dilemma. Let’s start by laying the groundwork. Content marketing (and contents) are becoming more and more important. Here’s a graph mentioned by Natzir in his Twitter account so you can get an idea of how important contents are […]

Speed Up Your eCommerce Store: WPO tricks for Prestashop

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Not long ago, I read in ecommerce-news that “almost half of users would leave a purchase if the online store loads slowly”. We have all experienced this: losing our patience and leaving the home page, the product sheet, the purchase process… We pay almost €60 every month for a broadband connection. Why wait? Lost seconds […]

SEO Tips for Prestashop Stores

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I would like to talk about SEO for eCommerce stores based on the Prestashop platform: both basic points and some more advanced stuff which requires changing the Presta code and installing modules. Let’s start by the beginning. 1- Define well the keywords you will be working with It’s very important to think from which side […]

Essential Elements for Checkout Conversion

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I often come across purchase processes that look like a maze. The latest one was Telepizza last week. I wanted to order and pay for a pizza online because I had no cash on me and I ended up looking for an ATM and calling Sapri Pizza due to the frustration of clicking with no […]