How to Pack your eCommerce Orders for Premium Customers #infographic

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Shorr Packaging has published an infographic that shows the results of an online survey where hundreds of eCommerce shoppers have participated and where they show the preferences regarding the packaging of premium orders. Some of the most important highlights are: 51% of premium customers state that custom packaging makes the product itself feel more valuable. […]

The Psychology of the eCommerce Checkout

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Understanding human psychology is one of the best things you can do to boost your online sales, as we can use everything we know about psychology to engage customers, to make them buy faster or even to buy when they are not so sure to buy anything. VoucherCloud has made an infographic containing several aspects […]

The impact of scrolling on eCommerce conversions

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ContentSquare has published this nice infographic that shows the effect of scrolling (as a modern UX approach to navigability through category listings and other pages with lots of information) in eCommerce conversions. Some of the most important remarks: Users scroll more on tablets that in any other devices. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, the […]

Social Media Shopping Statistics 2015 #infographic

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Social Shopping, or Social Commerce, still represents one of the most used marketing tactics for retailers, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience, in most cases the results are not according to the expectations. Trueship has just published a really great infographic with the actual state of Social Shopping, and the main remarks […]

Why Magento is the Most Popular CMS for eCommerce

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We publish this nice infographic created by BlueberryLabs for Best Plugins that summarizes the most attractive features and characteristics of Magento, and why Magento is one of the most popular CMS for eCommerce. Some of the main highlights: Magento started at March 2008, and in December 2014, more it had more than 5 million downloads […]

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