How Much is Cart Abandonment Costing your eCommerce?

Quicksprout has published an interesting infographic about cart abandonment in eCommerce websites, focusing on how cart abandonment is affecting eCommerce businesses. On average, 68% of shopping carts are abandoned, which means that during 2014, users will abandon shopping carts with a total value of 3.17 trillion dollars.

Some other interesting data from the infographic:

  • Most cart abandonment occurs between 8 and 9 pm
  • Thursday is the day where most carts are abandoned
  • Most users abandon their shopping carts because it was not the right moment for the purchase or they have found a cheaper store
  • In order to minimize cart abandonment, we need to engage our visitors with discounts or promotions when we detect they are going to leave our online store and then use retargeting to get them back to our eCommerce.

How much does Cart Abandonment cost your eCommerce

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