Magento extensions every retailer needs right now

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[Guest post by Jodie Pride from Veeqo] As a sales platform, Magento does not come ready-made: you have to jazz your store up with plenty of extensions to create a truly spectacular customer experience. This is a blessing and a curse as you can personalise your store in every possible way, but there is such an abundance of […]

21 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

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[Guest post by Tony Messer  from PickaWeb] Fed up with the constant Google algo updates and the fierce competition and escalating cost of paid search? If you’re looking for a significant boost to your online sales then it makes sense to start with something that you have 100% control over: your website. From Live Chat to Responsive […]

How to Design a Successful eCommerce Strategy #infographic

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eCommerce Platforms has published an interesting infographic containing several tips on how to create a successful eCommerce strategy. The most relevant highlights from this infographic are: Design is an important thing, at least to create confidence. It takes less than 50 milliseconds for users to decide if they like your site or not, so their […]

The psychology behind optimizing your online store

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[Guest post by Proonto ] Wouldn’t it be great to know what our customers think and feel while browsing our online store? Wouldn’t you pay good money to know and understand the decision making process of buyers? Having that kind of information allows retailers, online and not, to optimize their service according to their customer’s needs. […]

Growing Your Web Store – Some Really Effective Practices

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[Guest post by Nicolas Fincher from CS-Cart] There are plenty of remarkable examples of ecommerce projects that once started as small online stores, but then gradually evolved into sophisticated, giant virtual shopping malls connecting thousands and even millions of sellers and shoppers worldwide and gaining enormous operating income. Fair enough, it hasn’t happened just all of a sudden […]

How to Leverage Employee Benefits to Increase Collaboration

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Employee benefits extend beyond the insurance and retirement conditions atop an offer letter. Enjoying your job, for one, can be of exceptional personal and professional benefit. The rising popularity of millennial workplace benefits such as ping-pong break rooms, work from home days, and go-kart team excursions are the result of years of research showing the […]

A guide to encouraging users to register (part 2)

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We continue with our guide to encouraging users to register. In my previous article I focused on Usability and on the time and place where you should ask users for their data. Today I will discuss other important issues to obtain more user emails. Offer them something special Why should I want to register or […]

How a Loyalty Program can Boost Revenue

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When you think of customer loyalty, you probably think of grocery rewards cards, or airline miles. Recently, however, a new breed of digital programs has emerged from the gamification movement, injecting new life into these tried and true programs. And they are effective. In fact, customer loyalty programs are often one of the simplest ways […]

The importance of the blog for an online store

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If you have an online store but don’t have a blog yet, I think you’ll find this post interesting. Perhaps you should start working on that blog and those contents, but read this post first. I think having a blog is just as important for an online store as having a payment gateway. That  is, […]