On-Page Actions to Improve Your Online Store SEO

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Today we will be getting a bit technical: we will be describing some key factors which you should take into account if you want to improve the indexability of your online store by means of its SEO. You shouldn’t leave making your online store properly indexed to chance. Although it’s true that l robot.txt can […]

The New Marketing Trend: Forecasting

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What is the power of knowing which steps your customers will take before they taken them? Forecasting is about customers’ response to promotional messages, the communication of new products, or even being able to react to loss of customer loyalty at the right time. It’s the new marketing trend. Forecasting in marketing This resource is […]

Dashboard for e-commerce

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Every e-commerce generates lots of information derived from its activity. The dashboard emphasizes the necessary information so the management of the company can take decisions to improve the information of the company. An appropriate dashboard must synthesize the information so the management of the company quickly obtains conclusions about the trend of company data. In order to obtain it, the analyst must have a precise idea about the data of interest and how to […]

ECommerce for dummies: the client

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Brandon – Why don’t you buy on online retailers or at least compare prices online before buying in the mall? Brenda – Ohhh Brandon, you know, I’m scare of giving my personal info away, and I always want to touch the product, feel it in my hands. Brandon – You can find unboxing videos all […]

Dashboard tools: Manage all your data in one single place

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In previous posts we talked about what is a Dashboard and how it should be properly performed. The importance of the decision makers of the companies having at their reach all the information concerning the company activities. In addition to that, this information exposed in the most synthesized, richest in information and most proper visual way. We […]

What are people really buying online? #infographic

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Today we publish an interesting infographic that shows what people are really buying online. This infographic shows pretty interesting data such as: Drugs & health aids, is the most important retail category, and is under-represented in ecommerce (only 8,8% of the total sales are made online) People are buying more clothes online that offline ($13.6B […]

Tools to Improve your Online Store: the Deal of the Day

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Even though the title of this post is quite specific, the idea behind the concept of a “deal” within a certain time window is one of the lessons which ecommerce still must learn: engagement. That is, bringing customers back, making them want to know “what’s going on”. After all, the point is to bring life […]

Tools to Improve YourOnline Store: Lists

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In most stores, the best way that users have to organise information is the cart itself. This isn’t a bad idea, as a well-configured cart can provide enough information and functionality to support navigation through the catalogue. However, there is a crucial problem: the cart is not conceived for this purpose. This “creative” use leads […]