Arguments For And Against Choosing a Magento Platform

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is known for its broad community and rich features but, it is true that many retailers have found it complex as well as costly. For any e-commerce website, everyone wants to generate mind-blowing sales by converting window shopping visitors to loyal customers. This big as well as important decision is […]

6 Simple Steps To Move Magento Store To a New Server

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is a fully scalable, secure, and perfect platform for any kind of ecommerce. It is an open source and a feature-packed software and the most popular choice for the low-budget startups. But as time flows and your business flourishes, there may rise a need to shift your ecommerce store to […]

WordPress wp-config.php File: What It Is All About

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[Guest post by Mike Swan from MarkUpCloud] Many WordPress users consider editing configuration files a daunting task such as wp-config.php file. But what if you want to make changes to your WordPress’s install configuration details such as database connection information or any other such change? In that case you’ll need to tweak the wp-config.php file. […]

Analysis tools for your online store

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For my next trick I will be needing 2 things: 1) you should have an online store 2) you should be aware that with no data analysis of what goes on, you’re going nowhere Having got that out of the way, in this post I will talk about the tools I use, but there are […]