7 Cybersecurity Myths

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In April Symantec published number 18 of its “Internet Security Threat Report” series, in which they published an infographic about 7 myths about cybersecurity on the Internet. I think they were very well chosen, but I’d like to provide some extra content, so I have chopped the infographic into pieces so I can make some comments about each myth. […]

How Big Data Can Help Your E-Commerce

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In a previous post we already described some of the most popular uses of Big Data in general. This article gives a more specific description focusing on the benefits that technologies for the storage and analysis of large amounts of data can provide to e-commerce. The data that constitute the repositories integrated in e-commerce are of different types, depending on the modelling of the […]

Big Data, a Must for eCommerce Success

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Big Data has been and continues to be one of the hot keywords in technological business. But what sets Big Data apart from other buzzwords? Basically, the real need which already exists in the market and in particular the need which we are starting to glimpse in the near future. Big Data basically means processing […]

Main Big Data Technologies: Hadoop

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In previous posts we talked about Big Data applications in different areas. As we said, even though, strictly speaking, the term “Big Data” refers to the size of a certain set of databases, in practice this term is used to refer both to databases and to analysis tools and even methodologies. Nowadays it is impossible […]