Online Shopping Personalization: Statistics and Trends #infographic

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Invesp Consulting has published an infographic about ecommerce personalization and how online shoppers experience online shopping personalization. Some highlights: 59% of online shoppers believe that it is easier to find interesting products on personalized ecommerce websites 56% of online shoppers are more likely to return to a site that shows product recommendations 53% of online […]

The Power of Retargeting

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Retargeting is like shooting ducks: you can see one in front of you but only shoot it later on, when it’s at your back. In eCommerce terms, retargeting consists in using information about your users’ behavior so that they will buy later in your store. The good thing about retargeting is that it always gives […]

ECommerce Goes Personal [Infographic]

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We have prepared this infographic about the role of personalization in Electronic Commerce. According to several studies and reports, personalization is one of the key components to boost sales and improve customer experience in ecommerce sites.

TradeInn Increases its Turnover by 50%

wrote this on There are no comments published it today, and we think this is great news: because of the excellent team at TradeInn, which made it possible; because of what this means for the Spanish eCommerce sector; and because of what the fact that our customers’ turnover grows year after year means for us. TradeInn, the Catalan online store group, had […]

Improving Your Customers’ Shopping Experience (6): Keeping Registration Short (and Optional)

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We continue to explore the purchase funnel and how to improve the online shopping experience. In this way, we will now discuss user registration, which must be kept as short as possible, or even optional. When we discussed card abandonment in ecommerce, we saw that about 80% of carts are abandoned. Even though there are various reasons for […]

E-Commerce: the Perfect Category Page

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One of the most important pages in any e-commerce, particularly in those with a large catalogue, is the page that displays product lists. These lists usually show products that are related to each other, and the most immediate way of grouping products is by category. In a previous post on the product page we already talked […]

E-Commerce: the Perfect Shopping Cart Page

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In previous posts, we talked about the product page and the category page. This time we will talk about the shopping cart page, which plays a key role turning visits into sales in any e-commerce store. When we analysed product and category pages, we distinguished between the attention, capture, and decision stages which e-commerce users go thought. However, this approach […]

Big Data, a Must for eCommerce Success

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Big Data has been and continues to be one of the hot keywords in technological business. But what sets Big Data apart from other buzzwords? Basically, the real need which already exists in the market and in particular the need which we are starting to glimpse in the near future. Big Data basically means processing […]