Caution! 7 E-commerce Design Mistakes to stay Away From

[Guest post by Ethan Brown]

Technology is flourishing and continuing to evolve day by day. Basically technology has got penetrated into our lives to the core and every year we are seeing new trends and innovations getting launched to make our life easier and comfortable.

In this world of globalization and digitization, e-commerce has become a fad among enterprises and retailers across the world. E-commerce is a booming sector in the IT field and it has created a huge buzz over the last few years. Since smart phones and internet are becoming indispensable parts of our life, which is why business houses are now showing their inclination towards online marketing and are trying to attract more customers towards their products, wanting to fetch more money out of it.

Business houses, retailers and companies want to present themselves in a very impressive way so that their users find navigating through the site to be more like a piece of cake. The better the user interface and ease of use, the more enticing and appealing is it for the customers. In recent times, e-commerce has become a trending affair attracting both; customers and business owners. This is why business owners are now turning towards e-commerce websites developed using new and trending technologies like Shopify.

Designing an e-commerce site or is not at all a facile job as certain things need to be considered while creating an appealing e-commerce site. There are plenty of mistakes that online retailers make, but overcoming these is no rocket science and requires only proper strategies and planning at the initial stage of the project.

Below we abridge seven common design mistakes that e-commerce sites often make:

Overcrowded Design

Most of the e-commerce sites keep their primary focus on SEO and hence they try to incorporate too much information into their sites. With an aim to grab customers’ attention easily, they choose some over-crowded or complicated design.

Solution: Well, with this overcrowding, they are actually paving the way for losing customers as they get diverted to other sites, which are not cluttered and soothing to the eyes. Moreover, too much information comes with its own disadvantage, creating confusion in the minds of the customers. Hence it is always recommended that developers should focus more on user experience. With over 100 premium and free e-commerce templates available, developing a Shopify website will help you manage the content and arrange it to avoid overcrowding.


An Absence of Definite Product Data

If customers are dissatisfied with the information about a particular product, they will shift their focus to some other sites that serve better. Incomplete or even inaccurate information about a product is a big no-no for the success of an e-commerce site.

Solution: It is always recommended that important and relevant information that every customer look forward to, is provided to them.


Absence of Proper “About Us” And “Get in touch with Us”

According to studies, the about us and contact us pages are missing from most of the sites. It is pretty surprising that these two pages are most visited by the visitors in any website because it is more like the identity of the company.

Solution: If a company can briefly describe about them, their nature of business, their team and any other relevant information on the about us page, they will definitely be able to bridge the gap between the customers and the company by building trust. Customers may often have queries, which they might want to ask before proceeding with a purchase. Here comes the need for the “contact us” information. Thus, in order to earn customers trust and confidence, a company should provide proper information in the “about us” & “contact us” sections of their website.


Use low quality pictures

Low quality images act as a major deterrent in building an e-commerce site that is visually appealing. It also hinders the reputation of the site and leads to fewer visitors.

Solution: Images play a pivotal role in e-commerce sites. Rather, it can well be said that a good image can successfully convert a visitor into a customer. To ensure more sales, it is advised that you invest on quality images which will definitely uplift the brand image of the company.


Insufficient Payment Options

Many e-commerce sites do not provide ample options regarding payment methods. They only allow customers to pay via credit card or through a PayPal account. But if a customer wants to opt for cash on delivery or debit card payment, then he/she does not proceed with the purchase.

Solution: Different payment options help to tap customers, who prefer paying in various other ways. So, e-commerce sites must integrate more payment options into their sites to let customers use any of available methods as per their convenience and comfort.


Absence of Related Products

Usually e-commerce sites do not include similar products in a place. And, to find similar products, an extensive search is required on the part of the customers. This makes navigation difficult and the visitor switches to some other site in the search of related products.

Solution: So if an e-commerce site wants to enhance its sale, then it should use a platform that includes related products on product description pages.


Absence of Proper Shipping Information

E-commerce sites usually do not include proper shipping rates into their sites and hence give customers a false rate, which adds up at the time of checking out. This last minute addition leads to confusion and cancellation of cart.

Solution: There are many plugins or widgets available for major shopping cart systems to figure out shipping charges. E-commerce sites should amalgamate any of these widgets to their sites in order to calculate proper shipping rates.



After deep understanding, it is clear that before designing any e-commerce site, companies need to keep these points in mind and try to avoid these mistakes as much as they can so that they can build a strong and robust site which helps them to proliferate their business and growth.

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