The current state of US eCommerce #infographic

SearchLaboratory has published a nice infographic regarding the actual state of eCommerce in the US. Some of the most relevant data extracted from this infographic:

  • Population of 316 million people, with 247 million people connected to Internet
  • In 2017, 26% of all eCommerce transactions will be done from mobile devices
  • In 2018, ecommerce sales will top $492 billions
  • The top categories are: Electronics & Appliances (21.93%), Apparels & Accesories (20.93%), Autos & Parts (9.84%), Books/Music/Video (9.42%), Furniture & Home Furnishing (7.8%) y Toys & Hobbies (5.05%)
  • 75% of americans are more likely to buy a product because “it’s American, not foreign

The state of US eCommerce 1

The state of US eCommerce 2


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