Customer Retention

With the continuous appearance of new online businesses, having a clear customer retention policy becomes increasingly necessary if you want to increase and maintain a growth policy.

These are some useful strategies to do so:

  • The customer service is a constantly evolving process.

  • Keep up to date as regards technology and your users’ tastes and concerns.

  • It’s important to encourage and use customer feedback to analyse their reactions and understand potential improvements. It should be easy for customers to share their views and ideas.

  • Nobody wants bad quality products. High quality products a must for some customers, and you should offer them if you don’t want them to go somewhere else.

  • Make customers feel that you like your job. A good attitude is contagious.

  • Keep employees happy to keep customers happy.

  • Sometimes you simply cannot compete against a competitor. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore their prices. You should bear sector trends in mind. and often lower your prices to maintain your customer base.

Here is a little infographic.

customer retention


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