Dashboard for e-commerce

Every e-commerce generates lots of information derived from its activity. The dashboard emphasizes the necessary information so the management of the company can take decisions to improve the information of the company.

An appropriate dashboard must synthesize the information so the management of the company quickly obtains conclusions about the trend of company data. In order to obtain it, the analyst must have a precise idea about the data of interest and how to get these data. Using appropriate metrics and a friendly interface that meets the basic criteria of usability, are basic ingredients for a good dashboard.

The data reflected by our dashboard should be represented in a clear way. There must be no doubt about what is being measured and what is represented by the data. The dashboard user should have no doubt about its usefulnessA good dashboard is a dashboard that is frequently used and for a short time.

The dashboard must be able to answer common questions about our e-commerce as all those related to the movements of our product sales are, to alert management to the possible problems or opportunities that the company could go through. Once it is clear how a dashboard should be, we should customize it starting to ask for what, for whom and how we will represent the data.

A possible classification of e-commerce dashboard according to their function could be: strategic dashboard, dashboard Tactical, Operational dashboard.

Strategic: The strategic dashboards are used to monitor the progress of the company to get predefined objectives.

Tactical: With dashboards Tactical, managers control how the market affects the shares of the company.

Operational: The operational dashboards are used on the departmental level. They must be prepared to allow detailed analysis and processes.

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