Dashboard tools: Manage all your data in one single place

In previous posts we talked about what is a Dashboard and how it should be properly performed. The importance of the decision makers of the companies having at their reach all the information concerning the company activities. In addition to that, this information exposed in the most synthesized, richest in information and most proper visual way.
We can find several good tools that can help with the Dashboard of our company so that they can serve our purposes and fulfilling the conditions to be an appropriate Dashboard that we have seen before. We will describe some of them, and we invite you to enlarge the list and to share your knowledge.


Ducksboard is a Dashboard created by a Spanish company that allows online monitoring data of our company and our various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursqueare). This tool stands out for being flexible and aesthetically appealing; it has large sources of well-spaced elements and a variety of colors. It has a simple API with which we could create our own widget for our Dashboard and thus achieve a high degree of customization. To track at your own data, real-time updates and widgets at your disposal if you do not want to perform them yourself to compose your own Dashboard to your taste, are some of the attributes of Ducksboard.


Google Analytics is a free web analytics solution for businesses that provides information about web site traffic generating statistics about users of our website. Google Analytics shows us data such as number of visits, page views, average time on site etc … will display a graphical overview of users, graphical views of geographical location, overview of traffic sources, indicator content. Google analytics provides information grouped according to the interests of three different types of people involved in the operation of a page: executive, marketing experts and webmasters.

There is also a tool for data visualization In-page analytics that additionally provides of the following qualities: Support for image maps, so that you can create a tag for each ‘linkable Separate within a single image part, support for advanced segments, availability of page-level information, complete list of incoming and outgoing links.


Gooddata allows users to use a lot of predefined metrics to control the conversion of the website, the online community participation, to control the marketing etc …it also allows the creation of custom metrics that can fit better the needs of our business than the already predefined. Regarding the visualization Gooddata offers a variety of dynamic graphs with which our dashboard can be customized and it can create reports according to your own wishes.


Geckoboard is a status board for your business’s vital signs. See web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, sales... all in one place. The application provides a way to streamline and simplify the flow of information through your desktop. It’s a web service, Geckoboard is available anywhere there’s internet, whether it’s a 60″ monitor in your office or on your smart phone.
Some features:

  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Multiple dashboards for different uses.
  • Sharable, read-only dashboards.
  • Custom widgets including charts.

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