Do your customers abandon their online shopping carts? These tips will help you put a STOP to that

Many shopping carts are abandoned, and this is a shame and makes you lose money if you have an online store. This usually happens because customers start to compare prices and suddenly they change their minds. This reason may have more or less weight depending on the product: it is also frequent for customers to intend to make the purchase from a different device or simply decide to leave for some other time. Recovering these customers by means of BrainSINS’s eMail Retargeting is a smart choice. A recovered abandoned shopping cart can be a creative way to increase eCommerce sales as well as conversion rates. The question is; Do your customers abandon their online shopping carts?

Use simple, clear, and direct language

If the subject and contents of the email have these qualities, it will make clear the reason why the email was sent, as well as prevent misunderstandings that may lead a customer to finally abandon the store.


The primary goal should be selling

Make use of the opportunity and display some services or products which might be of interest to the customer. Alternatively, including some promotions and benefits to close the sale can attract shoppers’ attention.

Personalize sales

Every product and service offered in the email should be similar to products forgotten by the customer in his or her shopping basket. Offering products that fall within the buyer’s budget may lead him or her to revisit the store and possibly make some purchases that will increase the eCommerce site’s conversion rates.

Include a call to action regarding the abandoned shopping cart

This button should directly take the customer to a list in the eCommerce site that includes all the products in the abandoned shopping cart. Together with this list, you should give a list of reasons to complete the sale, as well as the price, the various payment and delivery options, the number of units in stock, etc.

Collage of  calls to action used in eCommerce

Collage of calls to action used in eCommerce

Display some kind of contact information

This can be done in the content header, so that the customer knows who he or she can ask any questions which arise while reading the email.

Use of specialized, personalized services

It’s always a good idea to have the personalization tools offered by companies like BrainSINS, who are experts in improving conversion rates, increasing sales, and raising the AOV (average order price) in a few days.

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