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eBook: "Mastering the Purchase Funnel in eCommerce"The eCommerce purchase funnel shows the process that most of your customers go through your online store when they are trying to buy something. This process is divided in 3 main stages:

  • Browse
  • Shop
  • Buy

And as your customers advance in the purchase funnel, they are more likely to buy in your online store. As with any other funnel, not every user is able to advance from one stage to the next one. In fact, for each 100 users that begin their journey through this funnel, it is expected that only 5 users (at most) purchase something in your online store.

In this ebook we have collected a large series of tips that would help you to increase your conversion and sales by improving your customer’s experience. This tips have been organized around 7 main improvement areas which are related to the funnel stages:

  • Promote your online presence
  • Create customer confidence
  • Improve product findability
  • Enable customer decision making
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Keep registration short (and optional)
  • Checkout optimization

If you wan to read this eBook, you can download ir for free: “Mastering the eCommerce Purchase Funnel

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