Download the white paper which Moduslink has published about eCommerce trends and payment challenges for online merchants

In January of this year, our friends of Moduslink, a global consulting firm that offers solutions for e-commerce and retailers, published a white paper about e-commerce trends and payment challenges for online merchants; all of that under the title of Beyond Payment.

This report, focused on e-commerce payment back-office operations, has been written by Andre Malinowski, Lawrence Cheok and Wim Huiskamp, which have analyzed growth opportunities through international expansion.

If you want to access the full file, just click the image and download it.


We have highlighted the following points:

-Global online sales are expected to reach 1.09 trillion dollars by 2017, at a compound annual growth rate of 16.2%, outpacing  growth in traditional retail.

-Also it is projected that 46% of online transactions will be made outside the currently developed markets in North America and Western Europe.

-The determination of  new innovations in the payment space:

1.Electronic wallets

2. Mobile payments

3. Escrow payments 

4. E-banking and multi-banks networks

-Opportunities that international e-commerce presents are challenges introduced by differences in the payment behaviors of regional consumers and tax/VAT regulations in new markets. The result is increased complexities in payment mix and the associated impact on back-office processes.

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