Download the whitepaper that RJMetrics has published about 22 Ecommerce Growth Hacks

At the end of May, our friends of RJMetrics and Qualaroo published a white paper about 22 ecommerce growth hacks to help you to improve your online store.

In this white paper you will find an introduction to the best online tools for ecommerce marketers as well as inspiration for you to invent the next growth hack, and you will discover a few growth hacks that ecommerce companies are using at the moment. Also in this study you will learn innovative ways to acquire, convert and retain your customers.

22_ecommerce_pdfWe have pointed out some of the subjects you will find


#4 The offline niche. Result: Find the ideal spot for a pop-up shop

#6 Tap peak customer satisfaction moment for referrals. Result: Get more social referrals


#10 The exit survey. Result: Reduce shopping cart abandonment

#12 The foot-in-the-door technique. Result: Increase conversion rate


#19 Don’t leave retargeting just to your website. Result: Improve revenue from email marketing

#20 Reverse engineering your best customers. Result: Get more high value customers

To download the white paper you have to click the following link and sign up if you don’t have an account on RJMetrics. If you have it, you only have to log in with your email and password.

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