ECommerce Store Optimization Tips That Wins Customers

[Guest post by Alex Jone]

Setting up your e-commerce page proficiently can help you to win maximum ROI. With better images and proper descriptions, harnessing the video power and even adding some product reviews, it won’t be long when your ecommerce website can attract maximum human traffic.

But, that’s not the end of story. You need to be aware of some store optimization tips, which can help in doubling up your customer ratio. There are some easy and implementable steps available, which will help in increasing your current conversion rate. For that, you just need to focus on the site’s look, user experience, and its overall feel. In short, this entire journey is termed as e-commerce optimization.

Get your homepage under control

Even before you plan to invest money in any of the display advertisement or paid search campaign, it is always imperative for you to structure your site and even get your homepage down. Well, a significant ecommerce website would like to offer you with some quick features.

You can easily drive more traffic towards your site. But, if you fail to optimize the site well, then you cannot expect to get better return on investment. So, it’s time for you to take that extra step and turn your shoppers into buyers.

Going for a simple test

It’s time for you to stay in your customer’s position and put on some honest answers, regarding your online store. There are thousands more like you, so you better be truthful to yourself. You just need to focus towards two different questions, to get the approach.

Can your shoppers easily guess the products you are selling, within a span of 3 seconds? And can the shopper trust you to use their credit or debit cards? If the answers to these questions are positive, then you have successfully created your e-commerce store. And if it’s towards negative site, then it is high time to work on the improvement of your site.


Clean design is always mandatory

Before you go for any improvement or change, you need to focus on creating a simple and clear cut design for your ecommerce site. The reputed ecommerce website development company might help you with positive result.

Whenever someone plans to visit your website, your site should offer him or her with simple designs and tell them what you are selling. For that, you need to keep the store design professional yet clean. Try adding larger and HD quality images for a better understanding. Bust and clustered design is enough to distract shoppers.

Addressing some of the pain points

It is always mandatory for you to address pain points first. Most of the reputed ecommerce development firms ensure to call out certain interesting features, like return policy or free shipping. It is proven to be a finest way to address some of the possible objections, which anyone might have while buying items from your side.

Always try to place these designs at the top of site, which is clearly visible. It helps in portraying confidence, and will attract more customers towards your side.

Come up with easy to call action

There is another interesting tip, which can help in increasing your credential rates with shoppers. For that, you might need to display your number on every page, prominently. It’s always preferable to place it right in site header. It will help them to know that you are not on any hurry up situation, and they can always give you a call with confidence.

This design will further give them the assurance to call you whenever they face any problem with your products or services.

Displaying some clear prices and shipping

Well, no one likes to be deceived by shipping costs or prices. If anything like that happens, they won’t visit the site ever again. And it is enough to give a big blow to your much hard-earned reputation of your firm.

So, it is always mandatory to create a design, which is clear about these points from the very beginning. Do not give your customers any opportunity to say wrong things about your firm. For that, a clear communication is mandatory. And to create that transparency in communication, you have to create a clear design.

Expert ecommerce development team will help you to display your plus points loud through the design. Whether you are offering free shipping or price guarantee, you need to show it proudly on homepage. Remember that you have a small space to fill in with all the details.


Working on Trustmark

Recent studies have indicated that 76.5% of shoppers always look for site’s credibility and trustworthiness while making a decision to buy items. You can easily improve your trustworthiness by borrowing credibility from trusted firms. The best ecommerce development company would like to help associate your store with other trusted brand shoppers and groups. These simple points can certainly help you to win customers for e-commerce site.

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