Expectations and Reality of Retaining Millennial Customers through Social Proof

[Guest post by Apple Pineda]

Millennials have changed the game in the social media and business landscapes. This generation, defined as those who were born after 1980, are known to have a different way of thinking and implementing things.

Amidst this change in client demographic, there remains a need for an incentive program for millennials. Such customer loyalty program can help in identifying what these millennials root for in a service.

Micah Solomon, guest writer at Forbes Magazine and a popular business leader and speaker, believes that companies should know millennial customers very well for this group presents an entirely different set of expectations for businesses.

Here’s a roundup on what you should expect from millennial customers.

1.- Millennials like to do things for themselves.

These customers are self-reliant and are not accustomed to asking too many questions, especially when Google is at the tip of their fingers. They have social media platforms at their disposal, and you can retain their loyalty by empowering your own social media platforms. After all, it would seem strange if companies today did not have Facebook or Twitter accounts to address customer concerns.

On the other hand, face-to-face transactions are still important for millennials. It is simply a matter of a choice for them. What they may not like is the constant attention that customer service or salesclerks may be giving them, thus making millennials feel they are incapable or untrustworthy.

Let them enjoy the shopping experience and service, and allow them to understand the policies for themselves. They will appreciate you for it.

2.- Millennials root for quality experience.

Quality means you create service models to help customers discover these wonderful experiences. Millennial customers would want something innovative, something they have not seen in other services before.

They virtually look at every aspect of the service, from hospitality, hygiene, speed, and the company’s brand. Sometimes, the brand does not have to be known worldwide as long as the customer is satisfied with the experience, he will come back for more.

3.- Millennials expect fast service.

Millenials Fast Service

In the age of instant messaging and fast-track information, it is no wonder that millennials would go for a speedy service. Because most millennial customers are excellent at multitasking, they expect instant gratification from your company.

For example, ordering a product online should not take you 24 hours to reply, as millennials have the habit of checking out their emails several times a day. Further, shipping an item should only take 3 to 5 business days as well, with you updating the customer every now and then.

4.- Millennials like to be left alone, especially when they are satisfied with your service.

They will surely not appreciate being requested for testimonials or selfies with your products. That is tantamount to pushing supposedly loyal customers away.

Millennials will post about your wonderful service in their own time. Meanwhile, keep on improving your services.

5.- Millennials have a different set of values.

These values do not entirely set them apart from the other generations, but there are talks of social responsibility, the green movement, and cruelty to animals.

Millennials will not be too happy to discover that your product has been tested on animals, or if your service is not environment-friendly.

6.- Millennials have their own language.

Millenials Language

This language is defined as virtual speak—some millennial customers do not have the patience to write you a long letter stating customer satisfaction, as a tweet or a single post on Facebook will do.

You have to anticipate both positive and negative messages. Some of these numerous feedback will even miss you, but will be read by the customer’s followers.

It is important that you monitor your social media platforms. Always check your company’s hashtags. Should you see a negative comment, address it as soon as possible.

John Rampton of Entrepreneur, on the other hand, have other things to say about millennial customers and how you can retain them.

He believes that since millennials are an independent lot, you could provide an informative company website for them to browse. He suggests you to include a self-service application, which encompasses a troubleshooting guide, a FAQs page, and links to blogs. Millennials will be able to navigate your website, as long as you provide the right channels.

As much as possible, your site should already have everything the customers need to know. They do not like contacting the customer service representative. However, they would rather communicate with the manager directly or opt for a face-to-face transaction. One good example to keep millennial customers happy is to provide the company’s mobile number to quickly address their queries.

Lastly, keep in mind that millennials know a lot. They are educated and have access to websites and other repositories of information.

Find better ways to connect with the customers and provide them information in real-time. They would know if you are giving them standard answers, and more likely, they would respond to it aggressively.

Remember that millennial customers have no qualms about leaving a company and telling the whole world about it, so better be careful as they can certainly make or break your success.

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