Growing Your Web Store – Some Really Effective Practices

[Guest post by Nicolas Fincher from CS-Cart]

There are plenty of remarkable examples of ecommerce projects that once started as small online stores, but then gradually evolved into sophisticated, giant virtual shopping malls connecting thousands and even millions of sellers and shoppers worldwide and gaining enormous operating income.

Fair enough, it hasn’t happened just all of a sudden by some lucky coincidence. Stable growth and success of any venture is a matter of hard work, choosing the right business strategies, following the latest market tendencies, ability to foresee future trends, changes and a range of other factors.

Below I’m going to share some really effective practices on how to grow your business the way of established ecommerce projects.

Go Mobile-Ready!

In our era of smart, advanced mobile devices, consumers extremely enjoy the convenience and flexibility of shopping online through their precious smartphones, tablet PCs, PDAs, etc. just whenever they want and wherever they are – on the go, in traffic jam, on a journey vacation, during a coffee break in the office or just while stretching out on the favorite comfortable sofa at home in the evening. In accordance to the Google Research, more than 80% of mobile users do shopping online or at least search necessary products or services through their mobile devices.

Therefore, it’s more than crucial that you provide your clients and prospects with ultimate mobile shopping experience. The most popular way among sophisticated online stores to accomplish this task is getting an ecommerce website fully optimized for mobile shopping. With a few efforts and investments of making your web store easy to browse and use from any modern mobile gadgets, you may ensure that you are always available to on-the-go market and your customers enjoy ultimate experience, which will surely drive more traffic and contribute to your overall business growth.

Get Your Web Store Noticed

With the ecommerce market growing continuously at a rapid pace and hundreds of new online stores appearing every single day; it becomes quite clear that there are always numerous competitors being just a few clicks away. As you guess right, established and powerful ecommerce ventures have never waited and hoped till their prospects would just stumble upon their online marketplaces, but rather made every effort to make their stores really noticed, enhance their brand awareness and stand out from the crowd.

There are multiple really effective tactics and methods you can take advantage to accomplish this essential task and achieve desired results in the long run, including: eye-catchy and engaging storefront design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, local search directories, pay-per-click advertising, product listing websites, natural backlinks, positive feedback, reviews and client testimonials to name a few.

Be Innovative

While making your online store noticed, don’t forget to be innovative. Keeping up with the latest field trends is definitely a key for your business success and growth. Therefore, my must-to-follow advice here is to take your time and consider some innovations and breakthrough options to implement into your ecommerce website. This will certainly add a special value to your client online shopping experience and, better yet, encourage them to share their experience with their circles.

The thorough analyses of the hottest ecommerce trends will help you choose the solutions that will really work for your ecommerce venture and make it a special one. Try to offer your prospects and existing customers unique opportunities they could never expect to get in traditional retail stores and would ever hardly be offered at your online competitors.

Excel Your Customer Service

Many top-ranked web stores attribute a significant part of their success to the excellent customer service they provide. They confess that since the very start they have been allotting the lion’s share of their marketing budget to customer service, taking this approach as a highly effective way to improve conversion rates, boost online sales and increase their customer base.

Here are some tips for excelling your customer service. First of all, you should take care that your customers receive truly knowledgeable and responsive support. Shoppers tend to generate and ask many questions about products or services they are interested in before making their final purchasing decisionsand believe me a long waiting time or insufficient, partial answers will surely make them leave your online marketplace.

Comprehensive character of your customer support services is the next crucial aspect. Try to offer your shoppers as many options to contact and communicate with you as possible, e.g. live online chats, phone calls, online request forms and emailing, of course, so that they can easily choose the most suitable way to get answers to all their inquiries on the fly. And the last, but still rather important advice here – make sure that all your contact options are located on a highly visible place on your website.

While providing your visitors and customers with great attention and ultimate experience, you may really expect an effective word-of-mouth marketing to follow. This will eventually grow your online venture.

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