How B2B Marketers Promote Mobile Applications

[Guest post by Shahid Mansuri]

In the B2C space, everyone can notice the importance of marketing. Equally significant the marketing is in the B2B space especially when each and every business is transforming their model to mobile applications or having a mobile version of their model.

Mobile app developers have been playing a huge role over the last few years by enabling end users to have access to different services along with the opportunity to render the same within the tap of their fingertips.

B2B marketers surely need to promote their mobile applications differently, but they need to realize that it is one of the best ways to enhance brand value. Moreover, mobile applications have created such a huge trend amongst the youth that the number of people who use smartphones for Internet surfing is increasing at an exponential rate.

Also, the shift from desktop websites or web portals to mobile applications is quite fascinating. Therefore, almost every business, irrespective of what type of industrial sector they belong to, must feel the need to come up with an appropriate and a feasible mobile marketing strategy to reach out to as many people as they can.

In the B2B’s case, the only difference is that it has a particular set of individuals who are involved in some or the other business only. Mobile app development companies strive to implement their innovative ideas to optimize their mobile application offering as it is one of the major factors that ensures business growth.

Marketing B2B Apps

The on-demand startups and the e-commerce industry are growing in parallel these days while most companies usually have mobile applications. To avoid the permanent hiatus, businesses fight hard to generate designated mobile likelihoods and to convert them into regular customers, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Slowly and gradually, the B2B section has started integrating mobile marketing as the return of investment seems quite appealing. Such businesses have also realized the importance of a marketing strategy that optimizes all possible mediums.

The primary concern is surely about what the creator wants, but it is also more about what the target audience needs. Therefore, B2B marketers need to make it possible for stakeholders to remain connected to their devices. This activity ensures them with access to vital information required to take decisions at all the possible levels.

For B2B marketers, here are few ways to promote their mobile applications.

Utilize location-based services


To keep track of end users and update them regularly, B2B marketers need to utilize geo-location based app services to improve the experience customers get. Geo-location based mobile campaigns use customer insights to market to the right people.

In this, customers receive regular messages and notifications, and their buying behavior is observed more accurately. It leads to high-quality messages and improves the engagement level as well.

Establish your core objectives

Often many businesses start without having a pre-defined set of basic goals but having a clear idea of what a company wants to achieve helps in the long term success. Your basic objectives should be defined before you proceed further as they form the basis of your marketing strategy.

A feasible promotional strategy is going to be dependent upon end users’ behavior, and it needs to attract more customers.

Analyze your target audience

Getting involved in the act of researching the target market to determine the target audience is one of the major steps that B2B marketers should take. Generating revenues and avoiding at the same time leads to failures.

You get to have a clear idea of your target customers through extensive research. After having created a product, the responsibility of marketers is to figure out the kind of people who are looking for it. You develop an image of your ideal customer and portray it widely so that it eliminates the unneeded effort to market it to those who are not suited.

Picking commercially oriented intent keywords is also a great option as it helps in finding the starting point for giving customers a satisfying experience.

Integrate social media websites with mobile marketing campaigns

Social Media Mobile

Smartphones are used for connecting with others and generally, for communication purposes. However, integration of social media helps marketers to connect with end users directly. In turn, would lead to efficient and reliable customer service.

Many smartphone users spend a lot of time on social media just to keep themselves updated at both personal level and global level. It gives an app the power regarding usability and improves functionality, especially while B2B marketers are running ads campaigns.

One more advantage is that social media helps in making it easy for customers to download mobile applications. It is a space where the right set of customers can get regular updates.

Make your mobile application highly responsive

It is important to make your mobile application highly compatible and responsive before proceeding further with promotional campaigns. Google rewards responsive mobile applications, and it boosts the rank of user-friendly applications on search results.

Text should be of high quality, and it should be readable. Mobile application optimization allows end users to read content correctly and have a good experience so that they feel like staying or visiting regularly.

Third party plug-ins are highly recommended to optimize the app performance that utilizes a highly responsive mobile application design in browser caching and work on minimizing the redirects. Such helps customers to go through mobile applications quickly and conveniently.

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  1. Analysing your target audience cannot be overemphasised enough. Such a rookie mistake that I’ve been personally guilty of in previous app market tests. Good read, Shahid!

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