How Security Can Boost eCommerce Conversion

[Guest post by Alex Trinidad]

eCommerce, or the use of the Internet for the online facilitation of trade, has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years. The popularity of eCommerce is commensurate to the development of technology, which gives a favorable environment for online shops to prosper.

eCommerce is also very suitable for the modern American. 95% of Americans shop on online stores at least once yearly, and most of the sales are for clothing, shoes, and accessories, followed by various gadgets and gizmos.

Because of the popularity of eCommerce, and how much money goes to online sales transactions, cybercriminals have targeted online shops again and again. That is why it is essential to keep the security of your online shop in order to protect your store and your customers, and ultimately boost your eCommerce conversions.

Success of eCommerce: Not measured on revenue alone

In determining if your venture to eCommerce is successful, looking solely at revenue is not the best metric – it is in the conversion rate or the number of people who visits your online store and make a purchase.

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Relying on revenue alone is not accurate because one person over the hundreds of visitors at any given moment can buy one item with a hefty price. Compare this to hundreds of visitors buying cheaper products, then you can see how true it is that it really should be on the conversion rate that an online store owner must concentrate and not purely on sales revenue.

Of course, the money comes in also important, but there is a more chance for you to succeed in your eCommerce efforts if most of your visitors would actually perform a purchase.

Analytics reporting tools can help you identify your conversion rate. Companies have arbitrated that a conversion rate of 2-3% is the average.

Encouraging Conversion

There are a couple of things that online retailers do to encourage conversion. The following can also help you boost your conversion so that you reach your goals for your eCommerce activities:

1. Use high-quality images of your products.

Photography can do much. It can let those who see the pictures feel the emotions captured by a shot. For eCommerce, photography can spell whether potential customers will be more likely to buy a product.

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Beautiful photos can give the buyers the feeling that they will be receiving high-quality products. Of course, the items themselves must really be good. But a good product won’t seem good if your images of it are of low resolution. So to help boost conversions, only use high-quality images covering different angles, and showing the different faces of your products.

Example of a good photography for eCommerce, courtesy of our friends from

2. Provide ample product description

Pictures alone won’t be able to tell your potential customers what they’re looking at. Providing an adequate amount of information of the products can help encourage an increase in conversion. The product descriptions give the idea that the owners of the online store know a lot about what they’re trying to sell.

3. If possible, use product videos

Another way to present your products to your potential customers is by the use of videos.  Videos can provide a more visual experience of the product that your customers would be getting. A good video can make your products more sellable, improving your conversions significantly.

4. Involve your customers through customization

It is true that customization fosters ownership as it provides a sense of your customer’s personality to your business. Where possible, provide an opportunity for your customers to customize. This includes the ability to personalize their accounts on your shop, up to the customization of products themselves. A customized product merits a higher price than a standard, mass-produced design, so it’s indeed a win-win situation for both the online shop owner and the customers.

5. Finally, provide for ways to offer free shipping

Free shipping is a factor in making online purchase decisions. Some would opt to go for another online store if yours do not offer free shipping. Although some find the inclusion of shipping charge a necessity for the business, a lot more others are looking for Free Shipping.

So if it is possible, do not charge for shipping. And in order to do this, you would need to partner up with courier services, or by strategizing your pricing practices.

Security: An Understated factor that boosts Conversion

Security is an often overlooked factor that boosts conversion for an eCommerce site. Some online shops take lightly of its security which gives cyber offenders a greater chance to infiltrate their site, and do all sorts of mischiefs.

One of the worst things that online crooks can do is to get the debit card or credit card numbers of the customers of an eCommerce site and use them for their own greedy benefit.

Some other issues that may be faced by unprotected eCommerce sites are the following:

  1. Identity theft: Crooks steal the identity of customers who provided proof of identification to the eCommerce site.
  2. Denial of service attacks: Offenders debilitate the activities of the eCommerce site.

When an eCommerce site is left unprotected and that it leaves its customers exposed to serious risks, the business might just lose its customers. So to help keep conversions growing, security must be taken seriously.

Protect your eCommerce site and Boost Conversion

Indeed, security can help boost your eCommerce conversions. Employing the following security measures will not only keep your online shop protected, but will also improve your conversion rates:

1. Secure Sockets Layer

SSL creates an encrypted link between the web server and web browser. 84% of website users agree that they would leave a website immediately if they know that they are on an unsecured connection. With SSL, customers are ensured that they are on a secured connection. Customers may not know what an SSL is, but they can recognize that green lock indicator that denotes secure connection. Because of this, they trust that your website won’t leak their information. According to a study, 59% would stop doing business with a site if they noticed it lost the green bar temporarily.


Reminder: Always avail from a trusted, known Certificate Authority (CA). Thankfully, you can get free SSL certificates from the following trusted CAs:

2. Trust Seals

Trust Seals serve as proof that your eCommerce site is secured. The level of protection still differs from the security provider. Some providers affect conversions more greatly than others so it’s best to invest in a name you can truly trust.

3. Secure payment options

Secured connections make the use of various payment methods possible. It is also important that you have numerous payment options because 50% of customers are said to not pursue their purchase if their preferred payment option is not available at your shop.

Some payment methods have their own additional level of security. Paypal is a great example. A lot of eCommerce sites tap into Paypal because of the security it guarantees for its users. And when security is guaranteed, customers are more likely to pursue their purchase.

Security builds Trust and foster Success

By now, you already know that keeping your eCommerce site’s security help build trust from your customers, and that translates to higher conversion rates. Always bear in mind that when your customers are worry free, they can freely explore your store and shop away. So keep your shop’s security intact and climb your way to success!

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