How to Pack your eCommerce Orders for Premium Customers #infographic

Shorr Packaging has published an infographic that shows the results of an online survey where hundreds of eCommerce shoppers have participated and where they show the preferences regarding the packaging of premium orders. Some of the most important highlights are:

  • 51% of premium customers state that custom packaging makes the product itself feel more valuable.
  • 44% of premium customers state that they would make a repeat purchase because of the custom packaging.
  • 37% of premium customers have shared an image of custom packaging on social media.
  • Since 2010, YouTube videos with unboxing in their title have gone up 871%.
  • Only 11% of customers are completely satisfied with packaging today.
  • 55% of online shoppers state that they find irritating packaging that is hard to open.

Packaging for premium eCommerce

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