How Videos have Transformed the Essence of Product Websites

[Guest post by Anurag Gupta]

Ecommerce websites have evolved exponentially in sync of the ever-changing whims and needs of the customers. The rise in the connectivity has ceaselessly facilitated the automation of marketing processes and businesses are analyzing real-time data to figure out effective ways to engage each individual customer.

Gone the days of blatant cold calling and one-shoe-fits-all mentality of the marketers, the traditional advertising is now struggling hard to compete with today’s content marketing and hyper-targeting.

Creating impeccable on-site experience is the ultimate objective of the modern marketers. We no longer struggle with the incompatible technologies, and as a result “videos” are becoming a sound medium for brands to address their customers.

With 73% of consumers more likely to buy products after watching a video, it has become essential to incorporate this powerful medium to answer the concerns of visitors once they land on your product website.

How Videos Help?

Let’s say, your brand offers winter wear online. An e-commerce site featuring product videos that talk about the nitty-gritty of the product and give a few practical tips will enhance the chances of winning a new customer. The videos would make customers more confident about their choice and push them down the sales funnel.

The rise of video marketing for promotion is one of the most exciting trends that have been observed in the recent years. Here are some of the ways in which videos are changing and challenging the quintessential of a traditional product website.

Bringing The Visitor Into The Story

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From the personalized mailers to the web-based content tailored specifically for each individual; the concept that started as the first name of an email is now widely used to tailor the website experience of each customer.

With the help of the real-time personalization technologies, the marketers now present personalized videos for the customers that hold the potential of increasing CTR and conversions to a significant level.

In the year 2015, personalized video campaigns increased the click-through and conversions by 200-1500%. Through real-time personalization, Marketers customize the video with content unique to each visitor to create a truly personal experience.

Winning With Video Analytics

Under-appreciated, yet one of the most striking benefits of video incorporation is the ability to track the activities of each individual that visits your page. Marketers are creating engaging videos and leveraging the analytics behind the scene to engage the visitors in a more powerful way.

As ‘video’ is a streaming and linked content medium, marketers can track second-by-second activity of each visitor and gauge their behavior in a way that was not possible with the traditional picture, or text-based content.

Videos Are Telling More Than A Brand’s Story

Gone the days when videos were either fancied as a viral content on a social network or as flashy homepage content that tells the story of a brand. Nowadays, marketers are using videos on every level of the sales funnel to educate buyers, build a better relation with them, and convert them by improving satisfaction levels.

From an intriguing brand campaign video to client testimonial, product demo, thought leader interview, how-to tutorials, live webinars, video blogs, and product reviews; customers are embracing video content at every stage of the conversion cycle, which is helping the marketers to sell more.

Visitors Now Deal With A Virtual Sales Person

Since the inception, the lack of personal interaction and uncertainty of online shopping pulled many customers back from buying certain products online.

Incorporating videos at every level of sales funnel have made it easier for the brands to educate, explain, and demonstrate everything that the customer wants to know about the product. Not just that, the video gallery of the websites also includes product presentation clips and how-to-assemble videos that perform that task of a sales person virtually.

Power Of Social Videos


The reason why all renowned brands are focusing on social videos for their marketing campaigns is the massive buying power behind them. People are 44% more likely to buy a product after watching a social video. Social videos are as powerful as interactive videos and incite potential customers to take an action.

The probability that a person will see your video is more on social networks, as viewers don’t have to take time out to look for more information when they see your video flashing right on their newsfeed. Not just sales, social videos also offer sufficient data to understand the target market better. Companies can access demographic information, click-through rate, and location of the viewers to know where they could find their potential customers.

Videos have transformed the true essence of the product websites in just a few years. With about 60% of the total digital content being visual, videos are now a necessity for the marketers to stay relevant, engage customers, and achieve optimum profit from their efforts.

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  1. Videos have created a great impact on online shoppers while they wish to buy a product. It enables the customers to make a purchase decision. As shoppers cannot see the products directly they have to be given a feel like they purchase directly which is possible by means of interactive videos.

    Merryl from Ecbilla

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