How to Improve your eCommerce Revenues through Up-selling and Cross-selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are not new concepts, in fact they are common tactics among traditional retailers. But most digital business seems to do not take care of cross-selling and up-selling techniques so they can be loosing revenues.

In this nice infographic by QuickSprout we can analyze how cross-selling and up-selling can be used to improve the revenues of our online store:

  • Cross-selling and up-selling can be used to
    • Significantly increase your customer LTV
    • Increase your AOV per customer
    • Increase your revenue
    • Increase your profits
    • Collect more leads
  • Some common forms of cross-selling are add-on sales and bundle sales
  • The benefits of automate cross-selling and up-selling are really high, as automation helps you to scale your business.

How to Improve your Revenues through Cross-selling and Up-selling

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