#infographic 4 different options to fund your business

Our friends of Crowdfund Productions have decided to make an infographic about different ways. As an entrepreneur can fund it own business attending to cash flow, time or stage. So, if you are interested in this topic, have a look to the following data!

Choose your best option:

-P2P Lending = Peer to Peer Lending: for startups in need for immediate cash and means to meet payment obligations.

-P2B Lending = Peer to Business: for established businesses with positive cash flow to finance their expansion.

-Rewards: for businesses operating in B2C market with reasonably inexpensive and innovative but not too complicated products. Must have social appeal and be able to produce the product within several months after the end of a campaign.

-Equity: for businesses that can’t borrow money through P2B marketplace, companies in need to raise higher amounts of money. Must have cash upfront to fund the legal and accounting expenses and can wait for 5 to 10 month to receive the funds.


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