#infographic Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

With the increasing use of smart devices and access to the Internet on the go, Vouchercloud decided to investigate what the future holds for mobile consumers, and discovered a shifting in the balance of power, from the big companies, in favour of the individual mobile user.

• Brands want to use social media to bridge the gap between business and friendship, and create content to capture and engage consumers’ imaginations.

• The increase in the use of second screens, as users browse across multiple platforms, allows for increased data mining, which is beneficial for brands to create more targeted marketing, but also for consumers, who can expect a more tailored service and content.

• Mobile operators are responding to the demand for faster and larger amounts of data being consumed, as it is expected that by 2018 an estimated 2.7GB of traffic will be downloaded and streamed by each of the 8.2 billion hand-held devices expected to be in circulation.


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