Why Magento is the Most Popular CMS for eCommerce

We publish this nice infographic created by BlueberryLabs for Best Plugins that summarizes the most attractive features and characteristics of Magento, and why Magento is one of the most popular CMS for eCommerce. Some of the main highlights:

  • Magento started at March 2008, and in December 2014, more it had more than 5 million downloads
  • Magento is the first CMS according to its Market Share, with 26% of the market using Magento. WooCommerce and Prestashop are following Magento with a 9% and 8% Market Share penetration.
  • Magento is versatile and offers Marketing and Promotional tools
  • Magento is focused on Mobile Commerce, offering responsive designs
  • It can host up to 500.000 products on one site and can handle 80.000 orders per hour
  • It offers you the possibility to include 3rd party apps such as our Personalization Suite for eCommerce

Magento most popular eCommerce CMS

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