Marketing techniques for eCommerce (II). Visitor and customer surveys

We will continue today with this series of posts on marketing techniques for eCommerce, this time focusing on visitor and customer surveys.

Visitor and customer services

Web analytics helps us to identify what is not working, but it doesn’t say why. To find the reasons by customers make the decision of buying or not in your online store or marketplace, the best option is asking them directly. And then the question arises: how to ask them?
We can distinguish between two kinds of surveys so you can see it more clearly:

Customer surveys, asking customers what led them to buy.

Site visitor surveys, asking them about the factors which they considering when buying, and finding any potential problems which they might be having in the shopping process.

marketing_for_ecommerce_questionaryHow do you create a survey?

The easiest and quickest options are these:

– Creating or activating an email campaign. You can do this in a simple way using Google Drive Forms.

– Another option would be using MailChimp or AcumbaMail, which we already mentioned in previous posts. You should prepare the template as a form, and use your customer database. Having a good CRM can be of great help. And if your database is already segmented, so much the better.

– The third option is using an external service that will collect those data in a suitable and simple way:

  • Opiniones Online. A service for your online store which allows you to learn about your users’ opinions.
  • Opiniones Verificadas. To find your users’ opinions and increase your sales.
  • E-encuesta. To obtain and analyze the results of your customers service, assessing your company in a simple way.
  • SurveyMonkey. To create surveys and obtain answers.

These are, of course, the services I am most familiar with, which are obviously paid services. However they are very easy to use, and there are more in the market you can choose from.

What should you bear in mind before running a survey?

  • The purpose of the survey
  • The segment to be surveyed
  • The limits of the survey
  • The invitation or way in which participants will be invited
  • The questionnaire questions
  • The type of answer most suitable for each question
  • Compilation of results
  • Analysis of results
  • Implementation of observations

I hope this has been of help! 🙂

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