How to monetize your free ecommerce app?

[Guest post by Juned Ahmed  from IndianAppDevelopers]

For some years ecommerce is increasingly turning to mobile apps to tap the potential burgeoning mobile users. For a buyer there is nothing better than a mobile app that facilitates buying anything instantly with just the tapping of a finger. But given the kind of competition among ecommerce apps, every niche area is crowded with an array of ecommerce apps. Majority of these apps are little different in their approach, feature set and typical sales maneuvers.

A majority of ecommerce apps are free to download and that makes the competition even tougher. But even then, an array of monetizing maneuvers is there to help your free ecommerce sites gain in revenue.

1. In-app purchase offers

Who will not interested to download an e-store app that would offer assured gifts on every purchase? Yes, this is good way to drive app traffic, gain app downloads and make overall good sales figure. There is no better idea to monetize an ecommerce app than with in-app purchase offers that make users rush to it.

2. Freebies and coupons on purchase

Some ecommerce apps get popular just by offering always something new either as an opportunity or as a gift to their customers. Coupons to participate in a lucky draw or coupons for an assured discount on purchase value, these are known but still effective measures to drive sales and turn the ROI figure of the app to positive direction.

3. Competition on purchase

Driving competition among the ecommerce app users on the volume of purchase or gained points on their purchase value is a great way to make the e-store engaging, busy and active in respect of sales. Driving competition would not only help gaining in sales figure and business volume but it would also increase engagement and pave the way for greater customer loyalty.

4. In-app advertising

In-app advertising has always been the surest monetizing maneuver for any app offered to the users for free. While in-app advertising not done in an effective way can actually be detrimental to the growth of the app, it is still now one of the most viable monetizing avenues for any apps including the ecommerce apps. Relevance of adds in relation to the goods sold in the respective e-store is a clear determinant of the success of this model. Secondly, in-app ads must not interfere with the basic UI and user experience of the app, but rather should augment the experience for the better.

5. Affiliate marketing

Lastly, affiliate marketing is one of the most common types of monetizing method embraced by countless free ecommerce apps across various platforms. You can let the brands of your saleable goods do marketing for their products while mentioning your e-store apps in all the places. For affiliate marketing to work for you in monetizing the app, you need to build a strong loyal user base and sustained reputation for your app.

Monetizing ecommerce apps needs persistent and creatively engaging maneuvers of all sort. Above mentioned tips just offer some basic ways and glimpses on these maneuvers.

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