An Overview of Magento 2 by Alan Kent (Magento Chief Architect)

Alan Kent, the Magento Chief Architect, has published this presentation (presented at Meet Magento NY 2014, that gives an extensive overview of Magento 2. Some of the main highlights of this presentation are:

  • It uses a modern tech stack, including PHP 5.4/5.5, jQuery, Require.JS, Less, HTML 5, CSS 3, MySQL, Composer, Varnish Cache and Redis
  • It has increased performance and scalability by means of redis and Varnish Cache
  • It makes use of Docker, an open platform for distributed applications (it helps cloud scalability)
  • It makes use of dependency injection to encourage loose code coupling
  • Uses multilevel theme inheritance to simplify customization
  • It seems that we will have a stable release by the end of 2015

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