5 Tools to Enhace your Customer Experience

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[Guest post by Alexa Lemzy] Customer service is an essential part of any business’ success. No business runs smoothly 100% of the time, but the way your business handles the snags can make the difference between losing customers and building customer loyalty. The statistics on customer satisfaction highlight just how important customer support is. Did you […]

How to Leverage SMS to Skyrocket Conversions

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[Guest post by Preston Pilgrim] Years after “mobile” became the new buzzword, Smartphone-based marketing strategies may seem commonplace. There’s no question about the importance of mobile- in fact, data researched by Coupofy has predicted that mobile commerce will be growing 300% faster than traditional eCommerce by the end of 2016. The trouble is in differentiating your brand […]

7 Visitor Retention Strategies you are Missing Out On

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[Guest post by John Dorian] Struggling with ways of getting more traffic to your website? You are not the only one. But what if there is a way to do more with the same amount of traffic? More than that, what if this way could help you gain more visibility in the search engines? Throughout this […]

UX Hacks for Ecommerce Sites

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[Guest post by Kenneth Sytian] Managing an eCommerce site can be a difficult task. Aside from managing the logistics of the website, businesses are faced with the problem of making their site appealing to the customers. Not only that, they are also tasked with managing transactions and even providing support for customer relationship; there’s simply less […]

Arguments For And Against Choosing a Magento Platform

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is known for its broad community and rich features but, it is true that many retailers have found it complex as well as costly. For any e-commerce website, everyone wants to generate mind-blowing sales by converting window shopping visitors to loyal customers. This big as well as important decision is […]

6 Simple Steps To Move Magento Store To a New Server

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is a fully scalable, secure, and perfect platform for any kind of ecommerce. It is an open source and a feature-packed software and the most popular choice for the low-budget startups. But as time flows and your business flourishes, there may rise a need to shift your ecommerce store to […]

10 Google Analytics Tips for eCommerce Websites

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[Guest post by John Stevens] It has been decades since eCommerce has invaded the Internet. According to a current study, 40% of users worldwide have purchased products or goods through the Internet. On that scale, that amounts to more than a billion online buyers globally ¾ and it will continue to grow in the coming years. […]

Top 7 SEO Trends In 2016 That Will Blow Your Mind

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[Guest post by Manas Kumar] Nothing remains static in life and so it is with SEO trends. In 2016 as in the years before, businesses will continue to invest heavily in digital marketing and create a wide array of digital content. And as they do this, search engines will move away from content and focus more […]

How to Choose an Effective ERP for Ecommerce

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[Guest post by Linda Halabi] Choosing the right ERP for your business can be a daunting task. With so many out there, how do you know which one will meet your needs? A good ERP can make a world of a difference in streamlining your business processes, helping you operate more efficiently and effectively. ERP software […]

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