5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on eBay and Amazon

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[Guest post by Monsoon Commerce] Selling on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces can be a very profitable channel for an e-commerce business. However, for merchants just getting started, there are many pitfalls one can accidentally fall into before you can really get going. 1. Make sure to set up the correct tax settings Many merchants are […]

eCommerce Trend Alert 2016 – Personalized Products

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[Guest post by Amy Watson] We want uniqueness in everything we do, we give and we own, right from clothes we wear to gifts we give. Smart eCommerce owners understand this gap and started offering online product personalization tool where customers can personalize their products by their own. For an example, what happens when you give […]

The Impact of Website Speed in your Ecommerce

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In this infographic by Onblastblog we can check how website speed affects your eCommerce website, the main causes of slow websites and some tips and guidelines to improve your online store load speed. Some of the most important remarks: 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds 40% of people […]

30 Proven Tricks to Increase Conversion #infographic

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A lot of online business struggle because their conversion from visitors to buyers is almost 0, and there are a plenty of reasons for bad conversion in your website such as: Bad User Interface (UI) Incomplete or improver product information High costs (expensive products, high hidden costs…) No product reviews Untrusted payment No assurance Incredibility […]

How to Pack your eCommerce Orders for Premium Customers #infographic

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Shorr Packaging has published an infographic that shows the results of an online survey where hundreds of eCommerce shoppers have participated and where they show the preferences regarding the packaging of premium orders. Some of the most important highlights are: 51% of premium customers state that custom packaging makes the product itself feel more valuable. […]

e-Commerce Reward Programs: Increase sale. Maximize Profit

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[Guest post by Kaira Clark from Xicom Technologies Ltd] It is great if you have opened your first e-commerce store. Congratulations! Your next concern will be customer retention. Recently it was found that 85% of e-commerce brands add value to the customer after offering discount and other promotional schemes. But still, 97% of rewards programs are […]

How to automate more of your marketing

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[Guest post by Jilly Badanes from Viraltag] Anyone running a small business typically has a to-do list much longer than anyone could accomplish in a day. So how can you get ahead without sacrificing quality? The answer is by finding opportunities to save time with automation and outsourcing. Marketing automation means using tools and services to […]

How eCommerce has Transformed Retail Logistics #infographic

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In the following infographic we can check the impact of the eCommerce boom in retail logistics. Some of the most important highlights: An estimated 30% of US industrial demand is related to eCommerce Fulfillment centers larger than 500,000 sq ft are very prevalent in the US markets where they can have the best access to […]

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