Product Photographs to Increase Conversion Rates

Photographs are one of the main elements that can increase conversion rates in your eCommerce store. They can also be potentially very damaging if you overlook them or do not provide sufficiently good ones.

When we buy in an online store, we miss being able to touch the item and experiencing it personally. Turning it around, seeing the details, appreciating the texture, color nuances, etc. This offline world experience cannot be 100% reproduced in the online world, obviously, but you can try to compensate for this lack using good photographs.

To cover the lack of a physical item and help increase conversion rates, you should offer at least these photographs:

  • One very good main photograph of the item, seen from the front, in good lighting, where the product stands out. This will be the picture that attracts your potential buyers’ attention and makes them interested in the item. You should use that image both in product lists (featured products, recommended products, categories, etc.) and in the product information sheet.
  • Additional photographs of the item from the side and from the back, as well as other important elements, depending on the product type (e.g. the sole of shoes, specific details in clothes).
  • In certain cases, as in food products, it might be interesting to see the product “in its own context”. It’s not the same seeing a cheese wedge against a white backdrop as seeing a piece of cheese on a table, next to a couple of slices and a glass of wine. You should stimulate buyers’ senses, encouraging them to experience the product, so you can “dress up” the product and provide a stimulating context. This image is an example of how La Mejor Naranja makes use of this kind of image to tempt our senses:

In addition to these elements which might be regarded as basic, in recent months another type of visualizations has become popular – more interactive ones which compensate better for the lack of an item that can be touched. These options are:

  • 360º photographs, where the item can be rotated and seen from almost any angle.
  • Stop-motion” 360º photographs, where, in addition to being able to rotate the item, we can also see, as we rotate it, how the item changes. This is very useful for subscription models.
  • “Changing color” 360º photographs, which are particularly useful in online fashion stores, as items can be rotated while viewing them in different color options.

These tools will help you to offer added value to users, allowing them to better experience the items which they are about to buy, increasing online store sale conversion rates. In order to have the best possible photographs, we recommend using professionals specializing in eCommerce photography, like our friends from Fotografía eCommerce. There’s nothing better than a professional to make your products look their best.

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  3. Great insights! The most important part of choosing an image/picture to me is deciding what you want customers to feel on your landing page/website, that way you have a better understanding of what type of pictures to use.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jennifer! Totally agree, you need to choose an image that reflects what you want your customers to feel while in the landing page. And that’s not an easy task…

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