Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment in eCommerce: Registration

We’ve already said this in previous posts: registration in an online store is one of the main reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts in eCommerce.

If we focus on this, there are several aspects which can be of help:

  • Registration is compulsory to make a purchase.

  • Customers must register before buying.

  • Too many data or sensitive information are required during the registration process.

There are more facts, but these are the top 3. In any case, the key lies in being clear about what kind of store and products you have. That is to say: you can have a store whose model is recurring sales, and where you want to boost this aspect; or else you can have an e-store where what  matters is selling “once”, as you don’t expect a customer to return in a long time.

Reducing shopping cart abandonment in eCommerce: registration

If you have a store selling baby items, perhaps someone who buys a milk bottle may be back to buy baby clothes, toys, etc. If you sell washing machines online, it’s not insane to think that the customer who bought a washing machine a few weeks ago will not buy another one for a few years. Your strategy for user registration management will depend on the case.

You need very little information to handle a sale: email, basic personal data, delivery address… and even perhaps some of this data is redundant. This is more than in enough to close a ale with someone you don’t expect to be back. If your model focuses on recurrent sales, it may make sense to store more information. However, there’s no need to obtain all the data before closing the first sale. In fact, your goal should be closing the sale, and after this and after obtaining the basic data, you should work on a communication strategy toward the customer to obtain the rest of the information which you think is necessary. Do you really need to fin whether a customer has children? Well, if your online store sells baby items, it may be important to find their ages… but if you sell gourmet products, it seems pretty pointless.

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If you force customers to register to add products to their shopping carts, you will be raising a wall too soon which many customers will be unwilling to leap over. “I’m not even sure that I want to shop (I just want to find the delivery charge) and they already want to get my data”. That’s what anyone would think.

The key, as we said, lies in measuring the need for the data which you want to obtain. Deciding whether you really need them all, and establishing at what point to ask for them – obtaining more or less registrations, or closing more or fewer sales.


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