Social Media Shopping Statistics 2015 #infographic

Social Shopping, or Social Commerce, still represents one of the most used marketing tactics for retailers, but due to the lack of knowledge and experience, in most cases the results are not according to the expectations. Trueship has just published a really great infographic with the actual state of Social Shopping, and the main remarks of this infographic are:

  • 75% Twitter users makes at least one purchase per month, which is higher than the 67% of internet users overall
  • 74% shoppers rely on Social Media to get more information or reviews about the products they want to buy
  • It is expected that 5% of overal eCommerce sales will come from Social Networks in 2015
  • 71% shoppers improve the perception of the brands when they see a positive response to a review on social networks

Social Commerce in 2015 - Infographic

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  1. 85% and 53 % female users, really out numbered men. With cache technologies these social media are doing very well and other important fact is that social media has become daily routine of life to get such impressive number.

    Rajeev From BusinessVibes

  2. I found this info-graphic interesting. Amazed after reading the statistics of Pinterest.
    I would also like to share 1 info-graphic i come across on internet related to the social commerce,that also include some unknown facts. which I would like to share with all

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