10 Google Analytics Tips for eCommerce Websites

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[Guest post by John Stevens] It has been decades since eCommerce has invaded the Internet. According to a current study, 40% of users worldwide have purchased products or goods through the Internet. On that scale, that amounts to more than a billion online buyers globally ¾ and it will continue to grow in the coming years. […]

Analysis tools for your online store

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For my next trick I will be needing 2 things: 1) you should have an online store 2) you should be aware that with no data analysis of what goes on, you’re going nowhere Having got that out of the way, in this post I will talk about the tools I use, but there are […]

What You Need Is Actionable Metrics

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In recent weeks we have talked in depth about Vanity Metrics – those metrics which are usually (and unfortunately) used as KPIs for business but are not an adequate reflection of it. In many cases, you end up with a business that doesn’t work properly even though it seems that its KPIs are fantastic. The […]

What Key Points Should an eCommerce Business Control System Include?

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An eCommerce business control system is based on three main infrastructures: marketing, customer service, and the technology system. Marketing can be divided into 21 key performance indicators (KPIs)that identify the good or bad operation of the eCommerce business system. Marketing Of all the business control elements, marketing is absolutely critical to grow and achieve customer […]

The ROI of Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

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We have already discussed different eCommerce models on the basis of relationships with customers, as well as the importance of the degree of customer recurrence. Ultimately, the 3 models discussed are also closely related to the maturity of the online store, where the first steps typically focus on user capture, the second stage focuses more […]

Dashboard tools: Manage all your data in one single place

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In previous posts we talked about what is a Dashboard and how it should be properly performed. The importance of the decision makers of the companies having at their reach all the information concerning the company activities. In addition to that, this information exposed in the most synthesized, richest in information and most proper visual way. We […]