Channels and supports that can be used in Behavioral Targeting

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Today we bring another post in the segmentation series, focusing on Behavioral Targeting. This time we will be focusing on the channels and supports available to analyze and segment user behavior. The fact is that you cannot know your customers’ motivations, but you can examine their behavior patterns on the basis of their purchases in […]

Types of actions based on Behavioral Targeting

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In previous posts on Behavioral Targeting we described in a practical and conceptual way how Behavioral Targeting has become an eCommerce must. Not only does it provide intelligence for online stores or marketplaces, it also understands buyers and creates a unique shopping experience. The point of Behavioral Targeting is not only that it makes it […]

Behavioural Targeting: Far Beyond Segmentation

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When we talk about user base segmentation, most people can only think about segmentation by demographic variables: sex, age, religion, etc. Even though this kind of segmentation is useful, particularly if the basis for comparison is a campaign with no segmentation at all, the benchmark variables used are too generic and do not provide a […]

Behavioral Targeting: How Does Your Target Behave?

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In a business, you must know your customers in order to meet their needs. For this reason, we must be able to identify our users and find which products or services are of their interest. How can we find about consumers’ interest? Knowing your audience is crucial for an offline or online business to be successful. When you […]

How Companies are Using Personalized Recommendations

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This infographic shows how 5 well-known companies (Amazon, Netflix, OkCupid, Pandora and Twitter), are using personalized recommendations in order to achieve their business goals, whether they are directly relate to incomes (product recommendations), or they are focused in order to improve any other critical aspect of their business (users’ connections in Twitter).