Main Big Data Technologies: NoSQL

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When considering the technologies required to approach the problem of Big Data, it’s only natural to consider the database management system first. Most of the most widely used databases are already optimized to store and handle large data volumes. For some years now, systems based on the relational model have been successfully used both in […]

Big Data Opportunities #Infographic

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Elexio has published an infographic about how Big Data is generating bigger opportunities in several sectors. In eCommerce and retail, Big Data opens opportunities to analyze customer behavior data and personalize the user experience in order to increase conversions and sales. Big Data also opens up the opportunity to analyze offline and online user’s activity […]

Infinity Magazine September/October 2013 Just Released

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HuntRevenue just released the September/October Issue of Infinity Magazine. In this issue, you may find interesting articles about new technologies in eCommerce, the evolution of eCommerce in india, articles about link building, eCommerce in Romania, distant selling and the VAT issues arising, etc. We contribute to this issue with an article about Big Data applications […]

The Real Usefulness of Big Data in eCommerce

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Everything that falls under the umbrella of Big Data has many applications. Most of the time, Big Data is associated with social networks, where the wealth of user interaction generates vast amounts of information which can be processed for various purposes. However, eCommerce applications can also be very useful, as long as you have the […]

Big Data: Needs and Applications

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The first main requirement of Big Data is data storage. When you reach this size, it’s hard to design a monolithic architecture that can house all the information. Distributed solutions which allow unified access to information sources are thus required.  In many Internet applications, these data must also be quickly stored and processed to offer analytics in real time. The […]

How Big Data Can Help Your E-Commerce

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In a previous post we already described some of the most popular uses of Big Data in general. This article gives a more specific description focusing on the benefits that technologies for the storage and analysis of large amounts of data can provide to e-commerce. The data that constitute the repositories integrated in e-commerce are of different types, depending on the modelling of the […]

Big Data, a Must for eCommerce Success

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Big Data has been and continues to be one of the hot keywords in technological business. But what sets Big Data apart from other buzzwords? Basically, the real need which already exists in the market and in particular the need which we are starting to glimpse in the near future. Big Data basically means processing […]