ECommerce Store Optimization Tips That Wins Customers

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[Guest post by Alex Jone] Setting up your e-commerce page proficiently can help you to win maximum ROI. With better images and proper descriptions, harnessing the video power and even adding some product reviews, it won’t be long when your ecommerce website can attract maximum human traffic. But, that’s not the end of story. You need […]

Features of a Successful Landing Page

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[Guest post by Chris Hickman] Having a well-built landing page can help increase a site’s rankings, traffic, conversion, among other things. Great marketing agencies understand that developing a quality landing page is necessary for both paid and organic listings. Now there are many features that go into having a successful landing page, and these are some […]

How Security Can Boost eCommerce Conversion

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[Guest post by Alex Trinidad] eCommerce, or the use of the Internet for the online facilitation of trade, has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years. The popularity of eCommerce is commensurate to the development of technology, which gives a favorable environment for online shops to prosper. eCommerce is also very suitable for the […]

30 Proven Tricks to Increase Conversion #infographic

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A lot of online business struggle because their conversion from visitors to buyers is almost 0, and there are a plenty of reasons for bad conversion in your website such as: Bad User Interface (UI) Incomplete or improver product information High costs (expensive products, high hidden costs…) No product reviews Untrusted payment No assurance Incredibility […]

The impact of scrolling on eCommerce conversions

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ContentSquare has published this nice infographic that shows the effect of scrolling (as a modern UX approach to navigability through category listings and other pages with lots of information) in eCommerce conversions. Some of the most important remarks: Users scroll more on tablets that in any other devices. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, the […]

A guide to encouraging users to register (part 1)

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We have talked many times about strategies to improve online store conversion rates, always from the point of view of final conversion (sales).  In this case we will focus on intermediate conversion, that is, on how to capture leads to include in your newsletters, or else to launch a commercial action on those leads. Initial […]

Discover the KPIs you need for your eCommerce or website

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To begin with, and not seem pretentious, but – does everyone know what a KPI is? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are metrics that measure the performance level of a process, focusing on how, in such a way that the target set can be achieved.  In this case we will focus on eCommerce, […]

Using Facebook Open Graph to increase eCommerce sales

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Our friends at  Agorapulse (a full tool to administrate your Facebook fanpage) told me about this success story in sales generation by using Facebook viralization strategies.  The results of the action are amazing, particularly if you bear in mind that the cost of the action was – wait for it – zilch. But let’s take […]