Identifying underperforming product pages at scale

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[Guest post by Ben Henderson] As an Ecommerce store owner, maximising the profitability of your site is of paramount concern. Google Analytics plays a key role in allowing you to determine which of your pages are performing well, and which ones are perhaps not performing as well. However, when you have an Ecommerce site with thousands […]

4 Ways To Craft A CRO Friendly Product Description

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[Guest post by Krithika Siddharth] No matter how often people claim that product photography is the most important part of a product page, we will, respectfully, disagree. From our work with several eCommerce clients, we’ve found that the most important part of a product page: The product description field. In fact, only when you have the […]

25 Actionable ecommerce Conversion Hacks

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[Guest post by Khawar Zaman] Did you know that internet is populated with somewhere between 12-24 million ecommerce websites? What’s more intriguing is the fact that only about 3% of them (650,000) are able to earn more than $1000 in annual sales? If that doesn’t catch your attention, what about the fact 35% of online businesses […]

7 Visitor Retention Strategies you are Missing Out On

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[Guest post by John Dorian] Struggling with ways of getting more traffic to your website? You are not the only one. But what if there is a way to do more with the same amount of traffic? More than that, what if this way could help you gain more visibility in the search engines? Throughout this […]

The psychology behind optimizing your online store

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[Guest post by Proonto ] Wouldn’t it be great to know what our customers think and feel while browsing our online store? Wouldn’t you pay good money to know and understand the decision making process of buyers? Having that kind of information allows retailers, online and not, to optimize their service according to their customer’s needs. […]

14 Elements that Helps to Increase your Conversion in eCommerce #infographic

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Marketizator has published an interesting infographic where they show 14 elements of the product page that helps any eCommerce website to increase their conversion. Some of the most important highlights from this infographic: High quality images are required It’s needed to allow users to zoom in the images or to visualize high-res photos from details […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Infographic

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RedEye has published the report “2013 Conversion Optimization Report“, using data extracted by Econsultancy. From this report, they have extracted the main highlights and created an interesting infographic about Conversion Rate Optimization: 90% of the companies claim that CRO has become more important, and 59% consider it crucial to their digital marketing strategy 79% of […]