The Future of Online Retail: Digital Customers’ Experience 2.0

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[Guest post by Daria Samokish] Every marketing or pricing manager has at least once seriously thought about online retail’s future. Over the last few years, digital experience has made an online store’s competitiveness highly dependent on a customer rather enterprise itself. Everybody is welcome to use a mobile app for barcode scanning, directly compare prices online, […]

How a Loyalty Program can Boost Revenue

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When you think of customer loyalty, you probably think of grocery rewards cards, or airline miles. Recently, however, a new breed of digital programs has emerged from the gamification movement, injecting new life into these tried and true programs. And they are effective. In fact, customer loyalty programs are often one of the simplest ways […]

5 Tips to Increase Purchase Loyalty in Your E-Commerce

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We often overlook small details that prevent your e-commerce from being optimized as regards potential customers. Today we would like to give you some tips to increase your e-commerce sales. E-commerce is a growing sector. This is obvious, but it should be taken into account and not stand still expecting our sales to grow by themselves, because competitors will […]