Arguments For And Against Choosing a Magento Platform

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is known for its broad community and rich features but, it is true that many retailers have found it complex as well as costly. For any e-commerce website, everyone wants to generate mind-blowing sales by converting window shopping visitors to loyal customers. This big as well as important decision is […]

6 Simple Steps To Move Magento Store To a New Server

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni] Magento is a fully scalable, secure, and perfect platform for any kind of ecommerce. It is an open source and a feature-packed software and the most popular choice for the low-budget startups. But as time flows and your business flourishes, there may rise a need to shift your ecommerce store to […]

What Makes Magento the Best eCommerce Platform? #infographic

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Mofluid has just published an interesting infographic showing what makes Magento the Best platform for eCommerce websites. According to this infographic, there are 10 key points that makes Magento excel when compared to other eCommerce platforms: Versatile Content Management Mobile Friendly Configuration Powerful and Spacious Advanced SEO Built in UpSells & Crosssells (and it allows […]

Convert Magento Site to Mobile-friendly & Optimize Conversion Rate

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[Guest post by David Mayer from CSSChopper] Are you aware of Google’s latest update which was effective from April 21, 2015? This update includes the ranking factor in terms of mobile search algorithm. So, if you run an online store, then it would be wondering for you to know that this mobile-friendly update announced by Google really influences […]

8 Must Have Magento Extensions for Better Ecommerce Experience Ever

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[Guest post by Stella Reed from Theme Heros] The key to any ecommerce solution is creativity and flexibility to make the online business impactful. Magento is one of the most reputable and reliable ecommerce solution providers available in the market. In order to improve the productivity, magento extension is used to help setting up ecommerce store with a […]

Magento – A Boon For Ecommerce Developers

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[Guest post by Christopher Meloni from Dealslands UK] A website is company’s image. So, it’s important to build it perfect. A website can only be considered to be perfect when its design and development matches well with the products and services offered by the site. This may lead to lure the target customers into the site and carry […]

Configuring HTTPS for Enhanced Magento Security

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If you want to enhance the security of your Magento powered store, then configuring SSL certificate can help you accomplish such an objective. SSL helps in creating an encrypted link between the web browser and server. The link establishes a secure (HTTPS) connection, ensuring that the information passed between your server and browser remains secure. […]

Magento extensions every retailer needs right now

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[Guest post by Jodie Pride from Veeqo] As a sales platform, Magento does not come ready-made: you have to jazz your store up with plenty of extensions to create a truly spectacular customer experience. This is a blessing and a curse as you can personalise your store in every possible way, but there is such an abundance of […]